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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Change you can't hardly believe

From Dumb and Mean to Mean and Dumb.

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The scary thing about Palin is that her incoherence and lack of knowledge/interest in anything beyond the borders of Alaska only scratches the surface of why she is problematic as a candidate for VP. Taken together with her own penchant for cronyism and abuse of power, her inability to tell the truth, and her wacky end-times, anti-witchcraft, extremist religious beliefs, her lack of knowledge of world affairs is merely one among many factors that add up to a candidacy that is would be hilarious fodder for a feature length comedy if it weren't actually, you know, real.

The movie is in the works. Check out the trailer at http://www.collegehumor.com/video1831461

Fareed Zakaria says:
"Palin is ready? Please."


You're underestimating the persistence and prevalence of the Cult of Mediocrity in our country, which gave us W.

"Dump Palin?"


Sarah Palin should do great at the debate Thursday...just as long as all the questions are about field-dressing a moose.

But Sarah Palin does look great in that picture and that’s a problem when she stands next to John McCain. They’re starting to call the ticket “Beauty and the Deceased.”

I think she's mean, too.

Remember, during the 2000 debates, expectations for Bush's performance were so low that he actually came out ahead. I think the same could be said for Palin this week.

And keep in mind that Joe Biden will be at the other lectern, ready to perform worse than Palin, if need be.

Any takers on McCain's folks trying to wire Palin for the debate? Crazy? Maybe, but the verbal diarrhea that comes from her mouth has got to have them a tad worried.

Expectations for Palin's debate performance have been set so low, she'll have to come out and literally throw up on Gwen Ifill's head to fall short.

Here's a decent(and not necessarily flattering) article about Palin and debating from today's LA Times:


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