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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Opie flips the mansion

An alert reader points out that former Portland Commissioner Erik Sten has sold his home in the West Hills, which he purchased in March 2007. The property tax records show that the house was transferred on July 14 of this year (to this guy, apparently) for $1,320,000. The same records show that Sten paid $1,285,000 for the place when he bought it last year. Sten is still listed as the owner of his former residence in the Irvington neighborhood, which he bought in 2001.

The midterm resignation, the churning of the houses, the apparent lack of any career plan -- it all seems so odd for a 40-year-old guy who not long ago was basically running Portland.

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Oh he is so going to show up employed by
some client benefactor of CoP biz.

I thought his original plan was a spot in the Hillary administration. Now I'm guessing some sort of nonprofit gig in D.C.

He wouldn't dare try law school...


Perhaps it back to Mayberry RFD.

It's probably been suggested before but maybe he's hiding some dark Goldschmidt-esque scandal? Who knows what evil lies behind that gap-toothed smile?

One pedantic point: I wouldn't consider Bridlemile as part of the West Hills. That'd be like conflating Irvington and Sabin - or maybe Irvington and Concordia.

It's West Hills enough for me. Swimming pools, cul de sacs, titans of industry. Amanda Fritz, who lives near Opie's old place, likes to pass it off as middle-class -- a dubious proposition. It sure as heck ain't Sabin or Concordia.

They sometimes accepted offers of shelter for the night from local residents
they met along the way. “People were very accommodating,” reminisces Williams. “It gave me a good sense of community. These small-town people led a simple, uncomplicated life and were content.”

Gotta wonder if this guy who bought the home for $1.3 mill will offer his home for shelter?

Ah, to live the simple, uncomplicated life...

Why wouldn't Sten "dare try law school?" In many ways it would be a very logical step for him.

He could commute to Willamette instead of go to LC.

I don't begrudge Sten anything as a private citizen. Actually, if Sten went to law school and did lots of pro bono work for the homeless and represented the poor on contingency and bargain fees, I'd have a lot of respect for the man. Maybe Sten left City Hall because he just wants to earn $40,000 a year, live a modest life, and hang out at homeless shelters looking for good causes to represent as a lawyer.

A 2.7% gain isn't what's usually referred to as flipping. It was probably a net loss if he used a realtor.

It's not flipping.

It is evidence that Mr. Sten is incompetent rather than corrupt. It also demonstrates that he runs his private life with the same fiscal responsibility he ran his public tilts at windmills.

If the media in PDX hadn't celebrated his efforts to tilt windmills he wouldn't have been elected in the first place.

No one ever pressed him on this one. He told the media that he sold the NE Portland houses to afford the big down payment on the mansion. They said, "case closed".

It looks like he did not sell the Irvington house and county records show he took out a $1 million mortgage.

So, how did he qualify? If he lied about his income on his mortgage application that is a federal crime with serious punishment. (even on a "stated income loan" application)

If not, where did the civil servant get an extra quarter million dollars per year in income?

Do we really have a media in this town?

Do we really have a media in this town?



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