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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Old media becomes new

Operating a newspaper on the cheap is almost as much fun as keeping up a blog. We don't need no stinkin' editors!

Powell Butte is a diverse wildlife area with bike and horse trails that also holds a 50-million-gallon underwater reservoir, maintained by the city water bureau.

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For those that didn't catch it:

a 50 million gallon underwater reservoir.

How can you store water underwater?

Also ..."all in outer Southeast Portland." then ... Rocky (Butte)(Northeast Rocky Butte Road), at 612 feet;

You woulda thunk they woulda caught that when they added the address - NE!

The structures were formed by “hot, very viscous lava being squeezed like toothpaste out of a tube,” explains Mart Hughes, a parks bureau ecologist. --------- I'm just glad that the buttes weren't formed by hot vicious lava. The reservoirs would be underwater and angry to boot.

It terrains in Oregon all the time.

In this new media age, "we" become the copy editors. To wit: They write it, errors and all. We notice the errors and blog about them. The news gets back to the offenders and the corrections are made.

Must be a lot cheaper than actually, you know, employing people to do this job.

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