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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just what we need in Waterfront Park

The project is one of several under way along the Willamette River as part of city efforts to bring more visitors to the waterfront. One development in the embryonic stage is a 600-foot tower that could include an observation deck and restaurant at the top.

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Of the three proposals, the Bike Republic one seems to make the most sense. But I'll bet they have the shallowest pockets and the least city connections.

The article says, in part:
The other finalist is a development that would be called The Center for the City, the brainchild of Chet Orloff, director emeritus of the Oregon Historical Society.

Orloff wants to create a space for classes and public events, with information on the city's history, architecture, urban design and other topics, along with exhibits about other cities.

"Where do you take them (visitors) to learn about the past, the present and future of the city?" Orloff said. "That's what I envision."

The answer to that question, as Mr. Orloff is in a better position than most to know, is THE OREGON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, an institution that is hurting for money and visitor support and is within walking distance of the proposed site.

The Society recently shortened its research library hours, closed down its oral history program, its press and is now looking at relocating its store (currently frontly Broadway) to the Park side of the building so that the history store space can be rented out to a retail client.

Any of the things he proposes could be undertaken by OHS.

There is also already a center on the east side of the river called Nature of the Northwest Information Center (Grand Avenue).

Unfortunately history is not a priority for a majority of Portlanders; at least not at this time. The American Advertising Museum failed as well, although IMO most of that was due to poor management.

"Stumptown" is humorously used as Portland's nickname to denote the city's lack of tall skyscrapers, the highest being only 546 feet.

NW Portlander:

I agree with your analysis. Unfortunately if little Sammy and the council of idiots came to the same conclusions their logical next step would be to go for the 600ft tower. Of course it would take our tax money and have a cost overrun by at least 300%. I am sure Sammy would love Portland to build phallic symbol to out do Seattle's Space Needle.

A 600-foot bike repair tower. It boggles the mind.

ROFL, John. The first thing that popped into my head was also the Space Needle. The arrival of the new SLUT makes perfect sense after all.

So what is wrong with taking in the view at Portland City Grill?

When are we going to learn that what Seattle does or does not do, shouldn't have any effect on our city? Continuing to copy Seattle will continue to keep us in Seattle's shadow.

Don't get me wrong, I like Seattle, its a neat place to visit, but I don't live in Seattle. I live in Portland and I'd like it to stay Porland, not Seattle.

Besides the tower would also be compared to the one in Las Vegas and we already have one of the highest number of strip clubs per capita, do we really want to take "sin city" away from Las Vegas?

I say move the building and restore it for use by the OHS and expand the park into the space vacated by the buidling and associated parking lot.

600 ft tower? Perfect for the city with phallic envy.

And how long is the Sellwood Bridge?

PDX cityhall has too much money or access to credit, and this would be but one more shiney example.

Wow, a 600 ft - whatever. THAT in conjunction with the TRAM (drum roll please) and this city will be rolling in tourists.

"Edna, pack the bags, we're going to Portland Organ for our vacation. No wasting money on Vegas or Disneyland. No siree, we're going where we'll really have a great time (bring your G-string honey, on second thought, guess you won't need it)."

And how long is the Sellwood Bridge?


You could hang a pretty big lynchpin on a 600 ft. tower.

A 600-ft tower in Tom McCall Waterfront Park would utterly ruin it. It would overwhelm and dominate everything, and subtract from the welcome sense of open space there. What a horrible idea.

Please, just leave this park alone. It is just fine the way it is.

Let's just auction waterfront park to the Condo Overlords now, while they can still get financing. Highest bidder wins, IF AND ONLY IF you donated to Sam's campaign, in which case you get reimbursed by the PDC.

When our Condo Overlords finally realize there is a limited number of buyers willing to pay $500,000 for a 900 square feet condo with limited storage and no parking, we can buy it all back for pennies on the dollar.

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