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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A pretty bad beat

My Nephew the Poker Player went down the hard way in his second day in the main event at the World Series of Poker yesterday. With two spades in the hole, the 8 and the 10 (or the T, as they say on the web), he watched as three of the five cards turned over by the dealer were spades: The ace and the 3 came over in the "flop," and the last card shown, a.k.a. "the river," was the 5.

Another guy pushed him all in, and with an A-10 flush, the nephew had to call. There were only four possible hands that could beat him.

The other guy had what's known as "the wheel" -- a straight flush of A-2-3-4-5. Ouch.

Comments (5)

and the best of the 4 beat him. no way i'd go all in with a 10. although the ten is a decent card, a lot of folks chasing will hang with a k or q.

Without knowing the betting patterns and the opponent, it's hard to tell what the right move would have been.

Not quite sure how I ended up here, but have to challenge that first comment. Is true that more info is properly needed to judge the play, and he may have made a mistake earlier in the hand, but all things being equal I highly doubt he made a mistake calling that river bet. It's the kind of pot people do routinely buy, and bearing in mind the size of betting you'd expect to see up to that point with those two hands he's probably getting huge odds to call. I'm sure he assigned a range and figured it was a +EV call, which he's right to do, especially facing the kind of blind structure in place for the main event. Sucks busting like that, but at least going out to a SF gives him a cool story.

Other guy was lucky as all heck. 2-4 combo and he goes all in?

There's gott be more back story on this. I still think your nephew did the right thing and the other guy got lucky with a bluff that got called.

I may not have described the betting correctly. The other guy caused my nephew to go all in. The other guy probably had more chips.

Also, all I can tell from reading the account on the web is that the other guy made the big bet once he had the nuts. How he bet before that, I don't know.

The flop is probably what kept the other guy in. At that point he had a straight draw and a flush draw. Nephew had the flush draw only.

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