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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In corpore sano

I got some great medical news this week. I am going to live forever, thanks to this and this.

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Good news indeed!

If that's true about wine, I am not in the pre-birth stage of my life. Thank god I discovered Malbecs.

BTW - Your wine list in the left column has some interesting picks, how do choose what you drink?

er, "I am NOW in the pre-birth stage of my life."

I'm guessing that Jack drinks the wines listed in his right hand column. I'd like to have a list on my blog. Jack and I have very different tastes. His are more eclectic. Mine are traditional. Drank a great Duckhorn '05 Paraduxx this weekend.

how do choose what you drink?

If it looks good at the Hollywood Freddy's I'm there. Also, I have a friend in the wine business who occasionally slips me a bargain. I try to keep an open mind -- there's a lot of good wine out there.

Right now I'm into anything by Charles Smith in Walla Walla; and stuff from Portugal, like Quinta de Espiga tinto and Portuga white. Cheap thrills.

BTW, depending on which page of this blog you're on, the wine list may be on the left or the right.


That Duckhorn is a fine bottle of juice. I've got a couple in the cellar now and you've prompted me to down a $50 bottle on a weeknight. Shame on you.....

closer study of the research shows that blogging negates any salutary effects of vin rouge

c'est dommage

mais, tant pis...


Interesting, we are going along the same lines, I like Portugese wine (before it gets too expensive) and Eastern Washington anything is Cali qaulity at 25% the price.

You're right about the Hollywood F-M, if you can find it there, it's the cheapest spot in town (and then 10% for a six-pack!)

Also, full case of one wine at HFM = wholesale + 10%. Not bad (unless you have friends in high places who can get you straight wholesale).

Unfortunately the benefit I accrue from all the wine I drink is undone by the negative effects of all the whiskey I drink. At least I will die happy.

Ditto, Frank.

The blogging is probably your best bet. The test reveals that you would have to be consuming about 100 bottles of red wine per day to get the full benefit. I would bet Jack that you are barely consuming half that amount.


Jack, you better get busy with your running :)

Many thanks, Jack. And on top of the great health tip you gave us last year!

Er, those of us of the male persuasion, anyway. Sorry, ladies.



you paid $50 for that Duckhorn. Sorry to say, you got taken. You need to get on Duckhorn's "list". I got my bottles shipped direct from the winery for $32 per bottle. I also got a few of the '05 Merlots, estimated to be the best in a decade. I'm also on the Shafer Hillside Select list. If you ever want to see a marked up wine, if you can find one of these in a market expect to pay twice winery prices and at a restaurant try for 300% markup. We were at El Gaucho a little while back and the recent Shafers '03 and '04 vintages were going for $500+ per bottle. From the winery direct they sell for $150 per bottle. Of course, I can only buy 6 per year, but El Gaucho doesn't get more than 12, so they're not paying much less than I am. But they seem to get away with marking them up 300%. I saw one at some local wine merchant (can't remember which now) for $300 per bottle.

If you can get on the wineries direct lists you'll save a boatload of money. I'm just on two, so I still have funds available to experiment with all the other variety out there.

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