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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good night

George Carlin

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A sad, sad day.

Man, that really sucks. He was my favorite comedian for sure. I was just listening to him last week. An Evening with Wally Lando, Playing with your head...great stuff.
He will be missed.

Lenny Bruce, the really true cynical comedian.

dang. just dang. as much as I hate being almost middle aged, the gift of growing up when comedy was defined by George Carlin rather than . . . . Dane Cook and Jeff Foxworthy is priceless.

blue comedians. sneaking and listening to friend's parents blue comedy RECORDS. and giggling hysterically.

just dang. . . . . .

Carlin's ability to play with words will remain unmatched by any of today's comedians. Some do well, but Carlin was the king of wordplay. I will miss his cynical, trenchant, and dead on humor.

His antiestablishment shtick was perfect for the early '70s.

Rest in peace, George Carlin. I recite your seven words in my mind before each time I go on the radio.

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