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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beta, and greata

Betsy Richter, Dieselboi, PAgent, and somebody named Cosmic Charlie have quietly opened a new site called Our PDX Network. We have every reason to expect great things from it.

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I recognize some of those names from the Portland chapter of Metroblogging. Here's hoping readers can leave comments over there without the hassles of registering and entering passwords. When Metroblogging nixed anonymous commenting it all but killed that blog.

ACK! We weren't nearly ready for primetime yet, but will thank you in advance for the traffic.

There will be approval for initial comments only, but no comment registration. We will take OpenID for comments, though.

To clarify - your initial comment to the site will wait for moderator approval. Once I approve it, you won't need to register for subsequent comments.

We have other protections in place for spam, so I'm not much worried about it, nor do we intend to be comment police.

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