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Sunday, May 25, 2008

They all laughed

The inventor of the frozen French fry has left the building at age 99.

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He should have stayed in school and got an education. To damn young to be working like that. Children shouldn't be allowed to do that. Jus' takes a job away from an adult. ;)


In the Pocatello Airport, the one time I was there, they had a shrine to Mr. Simplot. He really was living in his own private Idaho.

While in that neck of the woods, we also got a look from the road at a couple of his industrial facilities, which, from an environmental standpoint, looked scary.

There's a joke about Mr. Potato Head and cryogenics here somewhere.

If I recall the story correctly, Simplot didn't invent the french fry process, an engineer who worked for him did. Simplot was too greedy to give the actual inventor any percent of the profits.

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