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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Portland drivers are nicer than New York drivers

Much nicer.

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I love it!

"bike lanes belong in parks"

As Portland becomes "denser," and people have an increasing number of annoying reactions with each other every day, life here is going to get ruder and nastier.

There's nothing so "special" about Portland that it's going to survive the pathological levels of crowding that Metro is promoting. I've lived here for over 20 years, and the decrease in the quality of life around here already is sad to see.

rules are routinely ignored by drivers who use the lanes as parking spots, loading zones and places to pick up passengers.

Interesting...here we are allowed to be in the bike lane for loading & unloading.

I think that, in Manhattan, it is generally illegal to load or unload.

despite evidence that megacities with several million inhabitants don't work, we aim for density and "smart" growth as positive, desirable things.

kind of like ignoring the cataracts at the end of the tranquil canoe trip, forever assuming we can simply paddle towards a waterfall without actually encountering it.

i hope growth estimates are wrong, that skyscrapers really don't pollute, that gang-related crime has nothing to do with immigration, that poverty has nothing to do with free market inequity, and that this year, Santa Claus brings me a new laptop from the North Pole.

Wow, bike riders who actually think people (including bicyclists, I assume) should follow traffic laws, very un-Portland.

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