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Thursday, January 10, 2008

With a knick-knack paddy-whack

Although the outcome of the season-long pro football underdog pool is fairly well determined, and several pool participants have thus drifted away, this shapes up as one of the more interesting weekends of the season. It features eight well known teams, all of whom have had great seasons. The underdogs are all on the road, all playing opponents who had last weekend off. The spreads are large, and therefore picking a 'dog who wins its game outright will earn big points.

If any of the road teams does win, it will be surprising, but not shocking. You'll just say, "Yep, we all knew that's a good team," as they head into the conference championship, no doubt again as an underdog, next week.

I'm paying attention again because I had the only underdog winner last weekend, the Giants. That moved me up to fourth place, which feels good.

Here's the line for this week:

13 JACKSONVILLE at New England
8.5 SAN DIEGO at Indianapolis
8 SEATTLE at Green Bay
7.5 NEW YORK GIANTS at Dallas

I can't believe that Jacksonville's got it in them, but any of the other three underdogs (in caps) could pull an upset. We've all been waiting for San Diego to implode, but it hasn't happened. Ditto Seattle, although it will be cold and probably snowing on them in Green Bay. The Giants aren't a glamorous outfit, but they've been getting it done.

Except for nixing off Jacksonville, it's a tough call.

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I can't really see any dog winning. But if I must choose one, I'd think JAX also. They have the right combo (like NYG and BAL) of good defense backs plus strong running that gave NE some trouble this season.

Now when IND meets NE next week, that will be an interesting game. IND is better than they were when the first lost to NE.

I'm just here to say good on ya for 4th place! It's um, better if I don't provide a potentially horrible pick.

But as for QBs on the road in the playoffs, I'd trust Hasselbeck, Garrard, Eli, and Rivers...in that order.

This is the week to pick the Jags to beat the Pats. I understand you won't do it, but man is it tempting. Pats don't have a good run defense and Jacksonville runs the ball phenomenally well. As long as the Jags don't pull an Ohio State and completely forget how dominant their running game is, I think they'll win. Plus Gararard is a damn fine QB.

Anyway, I'd go with Seattle if not the Jags. Hasselbeck has a lot to redeem. ESPN.COM ranks this as the worst Seattle loss ever:

1. Jan. 4, 2004, NFC wild-card playoff: Packers 33, Seahawks 27 (OT). When Seattle won the coin toss in OT, Matt Hasselbeck said, "We want the ball, and we're going to score." Hasselbeck was right … but his pass near midfield scored a 52-yard TD for Green Bay's Al Harris.""

If Ben Roethlisberger doesn't have brain cramps in the first half, the Steelers would have easily won last week. You can be sure Tom Brady will not do the same. NE is rolling over Jax. It shouldn't be tempting at all.

Brother-in-law's brother is the play by play man for the Jags, so maybe I'm drinking the kool-aid, but I'll go ahead and stand by that one since I've got nothing at stake.

Will be interesting to see if T.O. is playing for Dallas ... and what effect that will have.

the g-men are the best bet this week. peaking at a perfect time and their road record is excellent.

bet on the Giants. and Green Bay will beat that spread.

good call eco
Giants are 6-0 ATS in their last 6 road games vs. a team with a winning home record.
Packers are 13-3-1 ATS in their last 17 games overall.

NY has won 8 of last 9 on the road

Seattle's defensive front is playing well.

San Diego/Indy is a toss up, do you like LaDainian or Dungy better?

I will pick

NE and Indy

In the NFC I pick upsets

Seattle and NYG

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