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Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Voter-owed elections" tab is piling up

I'm counting six or seven politicians whose upcoming Portland City Council campaigns are going to be paid for by the taxpayers. Including Opie Sten's handpicked successor to his throne of low comedy.

And that's just in the primary -- add more hundreds of thousands for runoffs. I wish the guys who are trying to force the street tax onto the ballot would go after this nonsense, too. It should have been voted on long ago. And do you think it ever will be, with Sam the Tram controlling the ballot referral mechanics?

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So Jim is out to win one for the Gapper!

The good news is, all his campaign announcements will be going out over MetroFi.

BTW, if you don't think Opie timed his exit so that only Middaugh got "clean money," you're wackier than the PGE takeover.

What's up with Bissonette? About 30% of his contributions/signatures were disqualified.

If you can't gather signatures and complete a form properly, should you really be running for office?

It's amazing that the dominant liberal establishment around here can't recognize how fu it is.

It's amazing that the dominant liberal establishment around here can't recognize how fu it is.

Thats the problem with blind ideology. People see party affiliation and let the rest slide.

Shouldn't "public ownership" include a "None of the Above" option? How else can dead wood deemed too powerful to run against be purged? Did someone mention Randy Leonard, new bosom beau of Sham Adams?

BTW, has anyone ever seen an actual copy of the "public ownership" legislation? It certainly seems a procrustean document if an elected official -- who may someday pursue public funding -- can modify it to allow erring office seekers a second chance.

So let's get behind instant runoff voting and eliminate the second election - vote once, rank your choices 1-2-3 ... and only pay for one election. www.fairvote.org

Jack, How did you find the link to that document? Is there an updated version?

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