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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trials, tribulations, and bloggers

Freelancers on the internet keep changing the way things are done in this world. But are they really just "nutcases with no lives"?

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Would answer no, but I don't Know. Clearly i am alive. They never call me president or Dilgo in the street. But they do call me so. Is it enough?

There does seem to be a fixation on who writes stuff. Never mind the argument.

"nonjournalists who blogged"

If one blogs doesn't that make them a journalist?

But of course I already lump newspapers and PR-firms-for-hire and political action committees and the like into one category. A speaker. The only thing on trial is the pretense that anyone can really claim to be more than just a "blogger;" a speaker with a perspective.

There also does seem to be a sustained attack to dilute the value of blogs (as the delivery mechanism) which can be revealed merely by trying to search blogs on google. Search on Portland Elections, for example, sorted by date, and then just you try to find any non-robot-generated hit. Such prolific authors literally have no life at all.

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