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Saturday, January 19, 2008

This is our country

[Via Cousin Jim.]

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It's not case-sensitive.

If you get the state name right, you don't have to hit "enter."

Ha! That's cool. I'm going to show it to my 8-year-old tomorrow morning. (He's sleeping while I have all this wild Saturday night fun.)

2m 30s.

3m 27s

I got hung up on Massachusetts.


The game clearly favors those who have typing skills!

For some reason the game wouldn't accept New Joisey.

Good contest.

Shame that it punishes typos, 'cuz we all know my typing is littered with typos.

Louisiana is really easy to mess up with typos.

1:30! Beat that, y'all.

I'd like to thank Ms. Fitzpatrick, the music teacher at my elementary school, who taught us the classic song "Fifty Nifty United States." Over 30 years later, I can still sing/name all 50 states in alphabetical order, so for me this was really a typing test. I didn't even look at the map.

This game is broken! What the hell is Delaware...? I got all 49 and it said there was one left. ;-)


Damn, I was excited about my 2m 7s.

Nice work, teacherrefpoet.

I hope you don't think less of me, but I needed 4:59. I got stuck on Arkansas. Those damn Clintons forced me to erase one of our states from my memory. Or did Huckabee do it? Either way, I hate Arkansas governors.

I couldn't remember Delaware either.

Total typing test. Louisiana stalled me for about 2 minutes, that and I couldnt remember Connecticut or how to spell it. So, I guess I named 48 in about 2.50, last two took me another 2-3 minutes lol.

Spelling is not a problem; it's remembering the existence of places like Nebraska and Oklahoma (apologies to anyone with roots/connections there).

I was 4:19, the last minute-and-a-half squandered on -- you guessed it -- Delaware.

Perhaps a Sister Cities program with Delaware is in order.

Isn't life like that?? This is both a typing test AND a knowledge test. What good is having knowledge, if you haven't also acquired the skills enough to communicate effectively? The spelling slowed me down. I had to try Connecticut three times and Louisiana twice. What a springboard for a good discussion with my kids about good grammar, spelling and even diction. Who says that there are no absolutes -- today there are more than ever!

For a real challenge, clck on the state capitols game on the same site. The spellings of capitols in Florida, West Virginia and a few others is truly humblin.

1:57. :-P

I tried the capitals one and was doing fine until I hit Maine. I had to cheat and use Google to tell me it was Augusta.

IT would be nice if this was like one of those trick psychology studies (where they tell the subjects that one thing is being studied, but really its something totally different) and really the point of the quiz was to rank the states in order of naming. Most commonly-last named state gets spun out of the union. So long Connecticut!

Luke -

Connecticut is easy. Its "The Commonwealth of Rhode Island and Povidence Plantations" thats he oug one for non northeasterners.

with 6:41 remaining,
I guess that makes it 3:20

I got hung up on New Jersey for two minutes. How could I forget about the Sopranos?!

3m 36s. It's a real stickler for correct spelling.

what a nerdy thing, my kinda thing, surprises me so many folks go for it. Hey, forget the one or two that get away, 48 of 50 is 96 percent. Props, chaps and lassies; strokes, folks. I stared at it a full minute before I decided to go ahead and be tickled -- 6:59 remaining when it waved a flag in my face. Two fingerslip misspellings, no mental lapses. I been in 46 of them. In-laws inhabit Connecticut -- piece o' cake after a few hundred Christmas cards. Dinnered once, I did, with duPonts in Delaware -- yes, THAT duPont, (a pair of favorite anecdotes: The family slacker was a pharmacist, (after generations of doctors), arriving in the Colonies, scored the US Gov't DoD Contract #1 -- mixing black powder for GeoWashington's boys ... Contract in force continuously, ever since. At dinner we ate lasagna, etc., and I dripped a splat of tomatoey goo between my legs on the needlepoint-covered chair seat ... just as Mrs. duP raconteured "... after all, these chairs were in the Coolidge administration" ... oot-fray oops-lay.)

I emailed the link to some child hideouts I heard about.

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