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Monday, January 28, 2008

The other kind of "green"

Kevin Allman's got a great idea today down at the bottom of this post: a "Do Not Deliver" list for phone books!

While our state legislators are strutting around wasting time and money next week, maybe they could get around to looking at that idea. Just a thought.

Oops... never mind.

Comments (5)

Funny moniker for next week's festivities in Salem: the "Seinfeld Session."

US Quest an equal bribing corporation; let no dimmo go unpaid.
Good Hair needs his barber bill to be taken care of....hello Quest

It's not just the "dimmo's" (how tiresome). Look at the list and you will find both parties represented.

Good luck Jack. It'd be political suicide. The newspaper endorsements are at stake.

I'm not too worried about newspapers. We don't get any unwanted papers at our house. But we do get lots of phone books that go right to the recycling bin -- what a waste.

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