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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tag-teaming Hillary

It's a vast left-wing conspiracy.

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In the end, Hill always shows her true colors.

I could only shake my head when I read this in yesterday's Times:

Mr. Clinton, in particular, believes reporters will be complicit if Mr. Obama becomes the nominee and loses to a Republican.

Is anyone else laughing at Hillary's "change" answer in the debate? If she has made change for 35 years, aren't a lot of the policies she put in place over those 35 years now the 'status quo?' So if she is for change now, is she against all the change she put in place over those 35 years? She's all wild eyed in that debate answer. Tyler Durden would tell her: "you look like a CRAZY person!" lol.

Watching the Obama/Edwards teamwork in shoving 3rd place Hillary off the stage was very gratifying to watch. If the NH results mirror Iowa we may get to see a lot more of it.

Hillary always believed it was the women in Bill's life that were having the affairs, not Bill. So why should her take on politics be any different? Oh, I forgot... marriage IS all about politics.

All these folks on both sides and their antics do remind of professional wrestling as the title implies. Sure, Hillary's in a feud with Edwards and Obama now, but on next week's smackdown, Obama will turn heel and he and Hillary will tag-team Edwards. Fortunately, I'm a smark.

Hillary always believed it was the women in Bill's life that were having the affairs, not Bill.

wow....didnt Goldschmidt's wife say something similar recently?

Conservative Right Confused and Depressed by Clinton's Failing Candidacy, by Steven Leser, January 8, 2008

All the Republicans have wanted to do for the past eight years is fight against a Hillary Clinton Presidential run. Now it looks like they will never get the chance. I don’t think they can deal with the letdown. ...

Even LIARS Larson could not let it go. Today, for instance, "if Hillary was here right now, I, LIARS, would say right to her face, 'you are not a nice person, Senator Clinton.'"

Oh, LIARS is so ... so ... so vicious. And convincing. ... for a LIAR.

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