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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One cup at a time

Have you had your coffee made in a Clover yet?

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Yes, I have. They have one at the Stumptown Annex on Belmont. Pricier than the cost of a cup of French press coffee -- but then, you get to pick which coffee you want to taste, rather than drinking whatever they've made a pot of (even though it's all good).

I think they have one or more Clovers at the new Ace Stumptown, but I'm not sure, since I've not yet been in there.

Stumptown is prominently mentioned in the Times story linked in the post.

Uh ... hey, I just watch the pretty movies. I don't know nothing about no "story" ... [sheepish grin]

The vacuum extraction style coffeemaker came out in 1840, according to wikipedia. Old ones still turn up at the Goodwill.


They make a good cup of coffee.

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