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Monday, January 7, 2008

MySpace mystery

You've read the news stories. You've heard the controversy. Obviously, you're curious about the pictures. But no one's given us the link! Come on, now, readers -- Who's got it?

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Gee, she claims it's her personal life, and that the pix were not inappropriate, so why did she decide to no longer share them on her MySpace page?

Are they gone already? Dang.

Maybe Sam the Tram will post some of his.

I'm glad that most politicians don't do MySpace.

what purpose do photos of yourself in underwear on a globally-accessible Web site serve, i wonder?

Good question.

he's wearing socks. it's different.

Who cares about the pictures. I say fire her for having a MySpace page.

KATU has the pictures up in their article: http://www.katu.com/news/13502667.html

She has my vote.

is she wearing socks?

Darn firemen get all the fringe benefits.

Makes a guy feel like singing the National Anthem.

That's a man, baby

Holy sh... I mean, I think that's OK.

Gee, it sure would be nice if Portland could get a mayor like Arlington's.

Mildred Schwab never rode a firetruck like that.


Oh gross, I am not jealous, really.

No red suspenders? I'm crushed.

I can't tell if this is safe for work or not.

Normally, I'd be outraged at this kind of misuse/waste of public assets. Now that I've seen this picture...not so much.

Do they have high-speed internet in Arlington?

Are those real? If so, she's been body building for a while.

The city council should go easy on her: I'm pretty sure she could their a@@!

If you got it, flaunt it?

Performance enhancing drugs, anyone?

That's trashy. As such, it's just might be what we should expect from Arlington.

Given that, I say we should demand more, and comparable, pix, or threaten to find another landfill.

I find it curious that she considers access to the local community fire equipment as something which constitutes her "personal life". Does she live at the firehouse?

Wherever, she lives well.

I'm glad that most politicians don't do MySpace.

No doubt. We can all be thankful Vera didnt have one....

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