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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last call for underdogs

We picked another winner last weekend in the pro football underdog pool -- the hard-working Giants of New Jersey beat the pampered Cowboys of Dallas. But since Bean also had a winner -- San Diego over Indy -- we're probably doomed to a fourth-place finish (at best) in the season-long pool, which ends this weekend. No bucks for us.

Nonetheless, there's stuff to think about as the two conferences hold their championship games. Can either of the 'dogs (in caps) win its game, on the road, outright?

14 SAN DIEGO at New England
7 NEW YORK GIANTS at Green Bay

If your 'dog wins its game outright (without the help of a point spread), you get the number of points to the left of that particular game.

Preliminarily, I like the Giants more than the Chargers. But dagnabbit, this is the last round before the Super Bowl, and I suppose anything can happen.

For the three folks still in the running to win money in the pool, it's a tough call. They need to worry as much about which teams the other players are picking as about which teams are going to win their games. Some or all of the pool could well be settled before any football is played.

For example, if all three players pick the same 'dog, the pool is over and they finish in their current standings relative to each other, regardless of which teams win and lose. If either player no. 2 or player no. 3 picks the same team as player no. 1 does, then that no. 2 or no. 3 is eliminated from contention as overall winner, again regardless of outcome. No. 3 can stay alive for the top spot only if, among other things, no. 1 and no. 2 pick the same team and no. 3 picks the other...

... I think. It's mind-numbing. The whole process is fun to watch, though -- which was the point of this exercise all along. A winner will be crowned quite soon.

So, do you like either 'dog this week?

Comments (10)

Well, I think I mis-called every game last week. Definitely had a few sips of the Jacksonville kool-aid. Anyway, while I want the Chargers to beat the Pats, I don't think it will happen. New York in Green Bay by process of elimination, I guess.

Watching Dallas implode last week was the highlight of the season for me. Especially when Terrell Owens came out weeping about Tony Romo. I think Terrell wishes he had gone on that vacation to Mexico instead of Jessica Simpson. By the way, I received an email saying that they're now calling Jessica Simpson, "Yoko Romo" which is comedy gold. My take is that she was not a distraction to Tony Romo playing football. If you're sleeping with Jessica Simpson, playing football becomes the distraction.
I'm picking the Chargers to crush New England. Somebody has to.

Giants, in a solid win.

i predict the SD-NE game will be close but NE is too complete, too experienced to lose now, barring an Act of God.

14 points is a lot. I'd take the Chargers. They'll lose, but by more than 14? Don't think so.

Green Bay looked very good last week against the Seahawks. Basically, they were never stopped. I think they'll beat the Giants pretty soundly. Meanwhile, did you see the forecast for Green Bay for Sunday? High temperature of 7 degrees.

No. 3 can stay alive for the top spot only if, among other things, no. 1 and no. 2 pick the same team and no. 3 picks the other...

Because I'm so far behind (and 7.5 points ahead of you...HA!), my only play is to take the Chargers and hope the other two do the right thing and take the Giants. My pick was turned in minutes after the lines showed up in my inbox. Still kicking myself for forgetting to turn in the Bears over Packers in week 16.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble

Patriots 34,
San Diego 17

Giants 27,
Packers 24

If it is humanly possible for the SD Chargers to beat the Patriots this weekend, they will.

This team HATES the Pats. This will be a very physical game.

San Diego is playing better football right now than any of the three teams that played the Pats close in the last half of the season (Eagles, Ravens & Giants).

The Chargers led the league in takeaway margin, averaging 1.5 more takeaways than giveaways per game over the entire season (and through the playoffs).

The Chargers can score, but they won't keep pace with the Pat's scoring machine unless they are at least plus two on giveaway/takeaway margin.

I think they have a lot better shot than the +14 line suggests.

both favorites will win this weekend

While I really want the Patriots to lose, they won't this week. Go with the Giants again, they will beat they Packers and then go to the Super Bowl and beat the Pats as revenge for the last game of the reg season.

That would be sweet revenge.

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