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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Inching closer

Really big night tonight for John McCain. Giuliani is dead meat, and the Republicans aren't dumb enough to nominate Romney.

The Hillary piece doesn't matter much, but I can't imagine she can be stopped for the nomination, either.

I'll hold my nose and vote for her if I have to, but McCain is going to beat her. Then in a year or two he'll be deceased and his vice president Jeb Bush can take over.

I can stick it out, but maybe my kids ought to take a serious look at this.

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nah....my friends are doing this!


I'd be moving to the Czech Republic, as Canada and Mexico are too close to the U.S. borders and who knows what another crazy Bush might do? Nobody cares about the little old Czech Republic and the beer is very good there.

Maybe Dick Cheney can invite McCain out for a pheasant shoot after McCain takes over. Not sure about the Jeb VP nomination thing, though. I should think this would be political suicide for McCain. The thought of another Bush in the White house is just plain yuckie for almost everybody across the political spectrum I should think. I also hear Jeb's organizational supporters were assisting Romney in Florida.

Maybe we'll have Vice President Huckabee.

Mrs. Jeb Bush perhaps.

Jack, I think you might have nailed it with the Huckabee suggestion. The Huckster would be thrilled with it, for starters; and while McCain moves to the middle by emphasizing his renegade (for an R) stances on immigration, campaign finance and climate change, Huckabee will keep the demented creationist gay-hating wingers in check. Then again, he might have to go for a woman. Liz Dole?

he might have to go for a woman

Sounds more like the Clintons.

Liddy D.'s getting up there. If he needs a woman running mate, he could go with Condi.

Jeb Bush? Never thought of that possibility. I thought after watching Joe "The Democrat-Republican-Independent-or-whatever you-want-me-be" Lieberman cozied up to McCain last week, I'd would need to put parental controls on the news channel.

In response to the 2 themes of this post and comment stream:

1) Slovakia - its like the Czech republic but cheaper and cooler
2) Huckabee, definitely. They've been acting like frat brothers on the trail and the Huckster, despite his aversion to knowledge and thought, is quick and witty enough to be a good attack dog running mate.

Career Options for John Edwards
Play the Burt Reynolds role in a remake of "Smokey & the Bandit". Let the fat girl from the Dixie Chicks play the role of the now-brittle Sally Fields.
2) V.P.
Queen Hillary needs someone on the ticket who can appeal to southern women, and who pays more for a haircut.
3) Replace Drew Carey on the Price is Right.

Although I don't like McCain (we don't need another non-conservative Republican in the white house), I suppose it's better I vote for someone with at least a couple positions in common with mine in an effort to defeat either of the two I disagree with 99% of the time.

I cannot imagine the electorate getting behind a war hawk. That is as long as many like you are willing to don nose plugs and vote for Hillary. In my fantasy world the audacity of hope still exists.

I've watched McCain's victory speeches in NH and FL, and neither one of them was very good. In fact, he reminded me of Bob Dole yesterday, reading off the teleprompter and stepping on his own applause lines. I'm not sure he can beat Clinton or Obama.

I sure hope there are enough people like myself who would vote for a quality independent candidate. I REFUSE to once again make a choice of the lesser of two evils.

Give me a quality candidate or so help me, I will quit voting.

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