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Monday, January 21, 2008

He did it again

The amazing reversal of the fortunes of the Portland Trail Blazers continued today with an overtime win in a day game in Atlanta. Hitting the game-winning shot with a second left to go in the extra period was sinewy small forward Travis Outlaw. I had begun to give up on the guy at the start of the season, but this is now his second game-ending jumper in as many months. Good for him.

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I believe if they win Wednesday they'll be 4 and 3 on the road trip, and that ain't bad. Toronto went overtime, Boston psyched them out, and Orlando was fatigue. But you had the feeling they can play these other teams. The depth is outstanding, and there are several championship caliber players right now. I mean James Jones leads the league in 3s. That's good, right? It's been remarkable. The Blazers are - once again - a fun part of living in Portland. And over on the bench Greg Oden watches and learns and dreams.

Gotta love Travis Outlaw. His personality so betrays his provocative name, which mirrors the Blazer's turn around from "Jailblazers" to respectable contender. TO is easily the most improved Blazer this year.

Check out his receding hairline. At age 23, yet. Welcome to the brotherhood of the bald, young Travis.

I was pretty much ready to right him off before the season also, seeing him start to blossom is reminding me not to give up on Webster yet. Gotta give the right out of highschool guys 4 years.

Both of them should have played several years in college. Look at Roy.

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