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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Grampy calls a foul on Sam the Tram

As well he should.

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I have absolutely no knowledge of where the Trib stands on this kind of stuff, but when the header of the second segment says "Fee will fix streets", I tend to doubt their objectivity.

Locals are pissing and moaning and
know-nothing politicians are fighting over a potential Podunk-Portland street fee when: (1) the Fed continues selling the country down the river with prime-rate cuts to jack up Wall Street but which continue to diminish the rates of interest on savings by those of us who can't afford the equity markets. And (2): the Congress and the Administration advocate "stimulus packages" that may bolster spending on foreign-made stuff that does little or nothing for the USA economy and increase an already obscene deficit. We don't need no stinking stimulus package. Governments need to dramatically cut spending. A good start would be to bring home troops from Iraq, Germany, Korea, South America, and other places, some of which we don't even know about. So, there!

No foul, no harm. It'll be a single item now, I understand. And there will be no referral. It's a solid proposal, projects detailed in the way Portlander's like it, in every corner of town, addressing virtually every constituency who voiced. Adams has listened and is responsive. Say what you will about his initiatives on many fronts, but he is certainly not a "do nothing" politician. He'll make a fine mayor.

Locals are pissing and moaning and
know-nothing politicians are fighting over a potential Podunk-Portland street fee...

You don't mean to say that Jack's hijacking your post by discussing local issues, do you?

That would be awful!

HeyZeus, you guys are drinking LOTS of Kool-Aid.

This quote, if accurate, is really disingenuous:

"The Mayor sees the glass as half full and I see it as half empty," Adams said. "Given what the opponents are saying about want to kill the fee, I want to do everything possible to protect it against legal challenges."

But wait! I thought the reason you split it was so it would be constitutional. Now that the Mayor has a legal opinion that it is constitutional as previously written, you say:

1) I disagree WITH THE MAYOR (no, you disagree with the City's Lawyer)

2) I don't care about constitutionality, essentially I am doing whatever I can to make sure this is not overturned.

I hope City Attorney Meng speaks up, and puts in writing her decision on this issue. Let's have some clarity.

This new street fee is jibe. Here's why. Back in the 80s, Mayor Clark and the PDX council added a franchise fee to our utility bills to cover whatelse but road maintenance. But could city hall leave this new revenue stream alone without spending it on other things besides road maintenance? No, by the Katz administration less than 10% of this revenue was actually being spent on road maintenance.

Also, I got figures from Dave Lister the new fee will amount to about $1740 per year for a small family business, like a neighborhood grocery store. I know a korean family owned business who bust their tails running the store 12X7X365 days per year. This is equal to one month's store rent for this family who really aren't making much more than minimum wage. I'm not sure they'll be able to pass it on because within a few blocks is a Rite Aid selling the same type of conveniences but who's per customer street fee burden will be a lot less.

You also have to ask whether this might negatively impact voters appetite for a school fix it fee, Portland Community College bond measure, or Sellwood bridge fix it fee.

You can't tell me cityhall couldn't find efficiencies in their budget to cover the road maintenance they neglected for the last two decades. Heck they just had a $30 million surplus that they elected not to fully use to defer this fee.

I hope Adams gets defeated in his bid for Mayor even if the alternative isn't much better.

Let's not forget all the new trolley construction going on downtown, and the Burnside Couplet, and the giveaway to the Tryon Hippie Commune.

And lot's of shiny new bio-diesel burning Jettas and Grand Cherokees, because gasoline engines are so old fashioned.

And a million bucks to haul dirt and plants up to the roof of the Portland Building.

And (at least) $500k for this round of VOE subsidies to political wannabes. On top of the $145k we wasted on Opie's campaign.

How about this: a moratorium on buying new automobiles for the CoP fleet (Police and Fire Departments excepted) until the "transportation emergency repairs" have been completed. Take the Trolley!

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