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Saturday, January 26, 2008

For English, press 1

Here's a voice mail message that the sender would probably like to take back.

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I am all in favor of clarity. Suppose she said nothing . . would this young student properly (subjectively) presume that it was OK to call on her at odd hours? Some lessons might serve that young student well in other contexts . . . involving matters of consent. The student surely must be a young man who has not yet learned the word "no;" deduced from his perceived need to post the message.

As for the news folks that thought it was newsworthy, I am speechless.

People with anger problems can benefit greatly from hearing how they sound to others.

well check out this....

Methinks this woman probably wishes she hadn't had her 15 minutes of fame this way! She had a good point-but rather badly put.

The student left the message for her husband, a school administrator, asking why he didn't close school for the day. She got upset and called the student back and left an angry message. Then the student then put the voice mail on his facebook page, and yadda yadda yadda, she's a national star.

I'm not really taking the students side in this one, but its 2008 people, be careful what you say and do in public, there is a lot less privacy then there used to be.

It is a perfectly natural condition to possess emotions. We could all try to adopt a Ben Stein emotionally neutral tone; at least for his TV persona, for laughs. But that might be too boring. Or one might conclude that selecting the correct adjectives and tone to convey a dry phrase -- "very salient" -- might get lost in translation if not tailored to suit the intended audience.

We haven't heard the kid's side of the dialog. I'd like to know what he said that got the school administrator's wife so stoked. Depending on what was said, the wife's response might have been a model of decorum.

Wow. Sounds like she has "issues." Unless the kid said something really rude, I hardly think her response was warranted. A "Please do not call Mr. X at home, it is not appropriate" would have sufficed and would have showed more maturity and class on her part.

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