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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Easy on the Clinique, or else

A reader sends along a grainy cell phone video, a screenshot of which you see above, with this complaint:

I was at Lloyd Center today (12/31) and took a cell phone video of security guards hassling two young women who had on face paint. The security guards told them to take the face paint off or leave the mall. Pretty fascist if you ask me. The guards told them they were causing a disturbance (never mind the kids running across the bridge to Macy's at breakneck speed). The clip shows the two young women asking the guards where (on a card they were given with Lloyd Center policy) it is written where shoppers can't wear face paint.

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Private property RULES. If don't like the rules, feel free to go somewhere else.

Private Property... don't like our rules, go elsewhere.

Of course, Lloyd Center has the right to throw anybody out for any reason or no reason. But what's the big threat from a couple of teeny boppers emulating Gene Simmons? There are many scarier people walking around that mall, and face paint has nothing to do with it.

Is the Hot Topic store banned too?

Another reader who prefers to remain anonymous writes:

i was going to post this on your blog, and decided against it, for a few reasons. But i wanted you to know that the facepaint those girls have on at the Lloyd Center is a sign they might be of a hardcore white supremacist gang. They paint their face indicating whether they're seeking to fight or to party. It may be that they part of the volksfront and insane clown posse contingent. Fans of insane clown posse will say they're not all white supremacists, and they're not, but they are deeply connected to the white supremacist movement, and are growing here in Oregon, especially down in the Salem area. The fact that the girls were in Portland, and in a highly visible place like the mall, they were seeking something. Either drugs, recruitment or to fight. Knowing what I know, if I was there, I'd be scared s***less to see them, and am glad they were confronted by security.

Wow, shows you what I don't know. I don't get out enough.

Perhaps an auto tour of Gresham, Hillsboro, Woodburn and NE Salem may well give you some new topics for the blog as much has changed in the last few years. Best to make that late in the day as it becomes more active as midnight nears.

Wow, this is really ugly.

I say a job well done by mall security. It's private property, so follow the rules or you are gone...plus if they have connections to groups as mentioned above they need to be kicked out for public safety reasons.

I think I've heard all I want to hear about this one.

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