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Monday, January 7, 2008

City Council special election dates

It appears that the May 20 primary will include the special election for the seat being vacated by Portland City Commissioner Erik Sten. If there's a runoff, the general rule in the city charter is that it be held no more than 45 days after the primary, but for a couple of reasons, the city's going to delay it 11 more days to July 15. Candidates can declare themselves between this Thursday and Tuesday, March 11. The official details are here.

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I nominate Jack Bogdanski for Opie's chair. Do I hear a second??


Can someone be elected against their will?
Has anyone tried it?

Jack you might have a problem if that idea takes off. Right now your the person I'm writing in for Opie's spot.

Where is Dave Lister when we need him?


Where is Dave Lister when we need him?


We need a definite change, even though I like Jack and think he'd be great for Portland, we could use something other than gaped tooth Opie, cool glasses Sammy, and don't ask me to wakeup Saltzman. I'm writing in Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, sorry Jack.

I need to work out a bunch before I could run against Carmen.

Allan L,

I'm still living in Portland, but we moved our business office to Tigard a couple years ago.

Tigard's an amazing place. I can't name the mayor or any of the city council. They fix the streets, maintain the sewers and keep the place clean. There are lots of cops. Our business license is fifty bucks a year (it was $3500.00 in PDX).

Despite all that, there are bike lanes, green trees, nice parks, a good library and a great skate park. Lots of nice, pedestrian friendly neighborhoods and a quaint old Main Street that has a small town feel. Wonderful shopping, dining and entertainment nearby at Bridgeport where I actually went to a movie last Saturday without being panhandled a multitude of times.

That's what you can have if you don't have an organization like the PDC plundering the property tax revenues and handing it off to a bunch of good ole boy developers who've greased the skids with the politicos.

Your response will probably be "if you like it so much why don't you move there?"

My reply is that I probably will.

I'm pretty sure Allan didn't mean it like that.

Pretty sure.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I took no offense and didn't think it was a criticism. I just wanted to make a point about a well run city. If the city sticks to its knitting and does what it's supposed to do it works pretty well.


Tigard is not a "city". It is a suburb of Portland.

The issues of governance are very different in a city of 600,000+ and a suburb of, what, 46,000.

Tigard is not a "city". It is a suburb of Portland.


Tigard may be (technically) a "city", but it's not a World Class (TM) City.

Why? Let me count the ways:

1. No Tram.
2. No solar powered parking meters.
3. No bio-diesel powered Jettas in the city fleet (or Segways).
4. No $50 million boondoggles that didn't work out:
A. Wapato Jail
B. OHSU retention/job creation stimulus
C. PGE Park
D. Water Bureau billing software
5. Plenty of high grade heroin and meth (both Hecho en Mexico) available within easy stumbling distance of affordable housing.

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