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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Can't miss with the G-Men

The New York Football Giants have advanced to the Super Bowl, winning playoff game after playoff game that they were favored to lose. Tonight they had us hooting and hollering at the tube to the point at which the other members of our household, all of the female persuasion, were shaking their heads.

It was mostly a nostalgia thing for us, but it also helped out in the pro football underdog pool, where we believe we wound up in fourth place, just a half-point behind the fellow in third. Considering the dreadful mid-season we had, that was a nice finish. Congratulations to the money winner in the group.

And so begins two weeks of Super Bowl hype. Now that the pool is over, the point spread starts to matter to us again. If given the chance, we'll be taking the Giants with the points.

Comments (9)

well, i got the Patriots win and Giants win and margin right (3), but not the Patriots margin (9)--the Chargers made it more of a game than I thought.


Patriots 28
Giants 17

If you're giving the Giants 11, let me know how much you'd like to wager.


I'm not a Green Bay fan but I'm not ashamed to say that as a white guy in his 40s I was rooting for another aging white guy - Favre to pull off the win and try for another Super Bowl.

Nothing against the Giants, mind you. I enjoy watching young Eli Manning play. But, we old geezers gotta stick together. LOL

The Pack's problem is the guy on defense with the long hair who looks like Little Richard. Bad vibe.

I dunno if it's his (Al Harris) vibe so much as the fact that Plaxico Burress abused him up and down the field all day long.

Maybe frozen dreads are a poor idea for a NFL cornerback...

I believe the "New York" Giants would be the team that has its home field in East Rutherford, New Jersey. ;-)

Is that where Jimmy Hoffa went?

Apparently Brady suffered a foot injury against San Diego? Lots of healing time remains, but the plot thickens.

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