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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bad penny

Portland's monument to wasted paper, Portland Monthly, is spinning off another empty publication -- this one about architecture, called Spaces. Now, when you're going for really, really pretentious, you have to have the right guy at the helm. They've chosen well.

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I was saying "noooooooo" even before clicking through.
This looks like the forest-consuming Portland Monthly / Qwest Yellow Pages publishing model: if the advertising dollars are there it doesn't much matter if the readership is.


Well he'll be helpful to Mayor Sam.
Check out this bit of special help.

"He's a pole smoker like me."

What a wonderful city we've become.

Well, Mr Savage is not a citizen of this city, as the first comment below the story notes (written by WW's gay columnist).

...heard him plugging the mag on OPB! of all places yesterday...
I almost drove off the road!

The California gig didn't work out for him?

"With where we are right now with gay rights in Oregon," Savage said. "It would be really important for the biggest city in the state to flip off the bigots out in the woods by electing a gay mayor."

yes, surely that's what electing leadership is all about.

"He's a pole smoker like me. I'm like those old women voting for Hillary."

yes, surely that's what electing leadership is all about.

What does Dan Savage have to do with anything?

quite a lot, according to Sam Adams.

Celilo Group sold Sustainable Industries, which will be moving from Portland to San Francisco.

no, just the "headquarters", says the article. the Portland office remains open and will increase staff.

What's so pretentious about Dan Savage?

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