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Thursday, January 3, 2008

All muscle and heart

An important win for the Blazers tonight -- and Jarrett Jack was clutch. The guy looked liked Terry Porter when it counted most.

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Tonight was quite a different experience. Every time I thought they'd falter they got stronger. We might be onto something here . . .

Most character I've seen in several seasons.

And I thought we'd have first place locked up, but the Nuggets beat the Spurs. Dammit.

No, no. Just groove along. Double overtime, second night of a back-to-back, on the road. Jack drives to the hole when everyone else is too tired to see straight. A major, major win.

It's very difficult to beat a team on consecutive nights in the NBA. This team seems to have a tremendous amount of character and a real determination to impose its will on opponents. How easy would it have been to mail this season in and wait for Oden?

Pardon me...should read "very difficult to WIN on consecutive nights..." Not sure the brain/finger connection is tight tonite.

And the nice thing is that the team's biggest weaknesses are interior D and rebounding, seems like a nice solution to that problem is waiting in the wings for next year!

Joel on the 2nd unit improves the D there also.

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