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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tick tick tick

Just a matter of time before this leads to a tragedy.

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How Stupid can you get, this is absolutely irresponsible and ridiculous. Are we going to bring back the candy cigarettes in the hard pack box I remember having as a kid now as well.

There were the chocolate candy cigs, and don't forget the bubble gum cigars! Both excellent.

The bubble gum cigars we passed out in lieu of the tobacco version to our non-smoking friends, when the kids were born, so they at least have an alternate function.

It shows you how far we've fallen that the first comment on this story blames the legitimate company making the legitimate, safe, legal product.

And they recently decided to close their US plants and move everything to Mexico.

What's next, soft drink flavoring packaged in a syringe?

I think we should bring back candy cigarettes, every year just for Halloween. They're scary. After all, cigarettes were referred to as "coffin nails" long before we found out just how bad they are.


Designing a child's candy to resemble a legal, albeit cancerous, product (tobacco) is orders of magnitude different than designing one (like Hershey's Pacs) that mimics street drugs with lethal properties.

The first child who ingests heroin or meth filled "Pacs" (instead of xylitol) will prompt a recall of this ill conceived product. I imagine a good tort lawyer will earn a 40% contingency fee on a low 8 figure settlement if that child should die.

So does everyone think that the people at Hershey are that knowledgable as to how street drugs are packaged?


If nobody within Hershey's product development, legal, or marketing depts. watches "Cops" or the multitude of CSI/crime dramas, I guess they could plea ignorance. If they had spent a few hours waiting for a ride on Tri-Meth, they would know how street drugs are packaged.

If they didn't know before the product was released, they know now.

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