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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Very cool

Roman Catholic Womenpriests. When are they coming to Portland?

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This is terrific news for Conan O'Brien.

They already have.

A woman was ordained about two months ago and Archbish Vlaz had a fit.

She was supposed to celebrate a mass, but I think I remember it was called off. A shame.

Who is she? Where is she?

But the archdiocese has clearly drawn a line with Ms. Talve and her congregation.

“This is not a lack of forgiveness,” Mr. Heier said, “but we have to stand for something. It’s a matter of principle.”

If he really means these words, perhaps Mr. Heier could educate Archbishop Vlazny it's never too late to take a stand for honesty, transparency, decency, and basic concern for the welfare of the victims of clergy sexual abuse.

Puhleeez. I wish these women would stop playing priest. Look, you're not a priest just because you want to be one any more than I'm superman because I so want to be.

If they want to be women ministers then join the episcopalians.

Get your PC politics out of your theology.

You're right. Until you've raped a boy or covered up for one of your colleagues who you know has done that, you're not qualified.

Oh I see. A penis is a prerequisite to having the kind of personality and commitment and calling to live the lonely life of a priest - to listen to more than your fair share of pain from others, try to say something helpful or useful or hopeful, and then go home all alone to find your solace in prayer.

Sorry, I have been a Roman Catholic all my life. I have had dear and close friends go into and stay, and others subsequently leave the priesthood and sisterhood because of what a lonely calling it is.

The idea of gender being predeterminate for priestly holiness or calling is archaic.

By the Way, to whom did Jesus first appear after his resurrection? It wasn't Peter, the Rock or even John who stood at the foot of the cross. It was a woman.

But the "Church" has developed this doctrine not from any genuine scriptural basis (unless you believe Paul that the only reason to marry is so you don't 'burn' - that poor man) but rather from the "PC" or "P" i.e. political issues that surrounded the burgeoning church at that time.

I would be happy to take the sacraments - and have (in the hospital, at Mass, yes, you know, from the hands of a WOMAN - how shocking). If you can't accept the reality that a calling is not dependent upon gender, and if the church powers that be refuse to bend on that issue, the clergy will die out. And then, yes, we will all be Episcopalian.

It's hard for me to get too worked up about the Catholic Church any more. I am interested, however, in alternatives to Catholicism that contain the better of its elements.


I had to laugh at your comment "And then, yes, we will all be Episcopalian." because the Epicopal church is sinking fast. The future of Catholicism is not the adoption of PC leftist politics, but orthodox, traditional belief. Have you met all our young priests? They hold firm to catholic teaching. Have you seen the pictures of the "womenpriests"? They're the 50 and over crowd. The Catholic Church will easily outlast this fad.

I know its disappointing for the PC crowd that the Catholic Church does not accept the infallible teachings of the Democratic Party. Episcopalians do and there's plenty of seating available.

The Catholic Church will easily outlast this fad.

Who cares? Just keep them away from my kids.

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