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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Two wheels, big bucks

The Times will have a big splash in it tomorrow about the Portland cycling industry. There's even video.

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As much as I love all this attention, it just shows that newspapers, even the Gray Lady, never get the facts right. That "long-revered" bike amenity--on-street parking--is only on one block of Belmont and has been there for about five months.

Yawn. Same old bits and pieces drivel from the NYT on a local story outside its own home jurisdiction. I guess this Mia Burk person can use her prominence in the piece to enhance her status as godmother of Portland bike "culture". More consulting gigs for her firm with PDOT, as if she needed any help on that front. Makes you wonder if Sam Adams knows someone at the NYT - I mean why this story at all other than a visibility piece for PDOTs Platinum City quest? Oh well, we've been validated by Our Betters, I guess.

Yes, even the Randy Rapaport abomination on Clinton is wonderful to them. Vera must be beside herself -- her wonderful dreams are being realized.

Sam Adams is quoted in the article as stating his desire for an economically sustainable city! Priceless comedy.

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