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Monday, October 22, 2007

Super-creepy transit-oriented burglary

Here's a guy who's been stealing from dead people's homes -- and guess how he gets around:

Based on a tip, they discovered him hiding in a dilapidated trailer with dozens of newspaper obituary clippings and bus route maps to the homes of the newly deceased.
Can't say as I blame him. The bus system here is particularly good.

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After a ballot measure failed Salem cut their bus schedule by nearly 50% and so went drug sales at transit shelters and prowlers in the neighborhoods down by 90%.

No more quick get-a-ways and it costs the taxpayers less.

The drug selling street criminals and the mentally diseased are not happy with the change.

Abe, if Salem buses provide for "quick get-a-ways", then the problem would seem to be the glacial pace of the Salem police response.

The Oregonian piece notes how proud this guy was that he made the local Fox affiliate's "Top Ten" list. I'm sure that Channel 12 couldn't be prouder that their "all crime all the time" television reporting is helping to create entrepreneurial aspirations for lowlifes.

Nothing worse than stealing from the dead? How about stealing from the living? You can't take it with you.

Typical liberal legal system at work in The People's Republik of Portland in the Motherland of Oregon.

This clown should never have been able to do these burglaries in the first place, but gee, he's just a misunderstood individual who deserves, lets see, five, no, six chances.

What do you bet that this "model citizen" is out of jail in less than 30 days, again on 3 years of probabtion?

Yet again, another glaring example of how the collective stupidity of the liberal, Democrat Party is surpassed ONLY by their mind numbing intellectual dishonesty.

He looks like he could be part of the Face's Of Meth.
He's just plain creepy and not even original.

Jack: Do you favor getting rid of the transit system because criminals use it?

No. But some cops would be nice. Oops, sorry, can't afford that. Gotta have an aerial tram.

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