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Friday, August 24, 2007

Nuke creeps never sleep

Yet another Hanford nuclear waste scam is in progress. This environmental rape has been going on for 60 years. Hanford is just up the Columbia River from us in the Tri-Cities. Even if you burned out on Hanford bashing a long time ago (as I did), you may want to wake up again for the latest round of public comment.

And where, pray tell, are Wyden and Smith? I assume they'll be out in Troutdale Monday evening raising Cain about this. Their predecessors were particularly good at it.

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Wyden and Smith and Gov. Kulongoski and the mass media, and all who kept their office and position by not resigning in protest, are contemptible and are held personally and severally accountable and responsible for THIS:

Cancer in Iraq Vets Raises Possibility of Toxic Exposure, by Carla McClain, August 26, 2007 ( The Arizona Daily Star )

After serving in Vietnam nearly 40 years ago — and receiving the Bronze Star for it — the Tucson soldier was called back to active duty in Iraq.

While there, he awoke one morning with a sore throat. Eighteen months later, Army Sgt. James Lauderdale was dead, of a bizarrely aggressive cancer rarely seen by the doctors who tried to treat it.

As a result, his stunned and heartbroken family has joined growing ranks of sickened and dying Iraq war vets and their families who believe exposures to toxic poisons in the war zone are behind their illnesses — mostly cancers, striking the young, taking them down with alarming speed.

The number of these cancers remains undisclosed, with military officials citing patient privacy issues ...

Who knew ...?

Astonishing Tower Collapse Screams “No New Nukes!!” by Harvey Wasserman, August 27, 2007. ( by Free Press )

A cooling tower at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power plant has collapsed.

A broken 54″ pipe there has spewed 350,000 gallons per minute of contaminated, overheated water ....

The public and media were barred from viewing the wreckage for three days.

Operators admit to hearing “strange sounds” coming from its fans last week, but say Tuesday’s collapse was unexpected. ...

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