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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bitches stick together

I am not making this up: Leona Helmsley left $12 million to her dog. (Via TaxProf Blog.)

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heart failure, eh? i always thought a house would fall on her.

Gosh, she could have left some to the "Little People" (the name that those suffering from dwarfism use) - you know, the ones who pay taxes.

Leona paid plenty of taxes. Probably more
in a year than you will pay in a lifetime.

You forgot the best part - She left nothing to the grandkids.

Probably more in a year than you will pay in a lifetime.

She also committed more tax fraud in a year than I will commit in a lifetime. Which is a big part of why she spent some of her wonderful life in prison.

Does make you sort of want to take inventory of how you've been treating the relatives though, doesn't it? I mean, if you've got GRANDMA mad at you, life ain't good.

If my grandmother was intolerably domineering, but she was filthy rich, I'd be proud of myself for getting on her s. list.

Some days.

**Leona paid plenty of taxes. Probably more in a year than you will pay in a lifetime.**

Yah but only after she married Hemsley and got rich as a result.

Greg C

Leona paid plenty of taxes.
yeah, right...

here's a quote from her- “We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.”


Actually 2 grandkids got money and 2 didn't, the will said they knew why. So I can kind of see that, they must have done something, granted given who we're talking about it was probably something trivial but they knew the deal and probably had ample opportunity to get back on her good side. But what I thought was really absurd was she gave her Chauffer a token while giving all that to the dog. The Chauffer was probably the person who did the most for her and spent the most time with her.

She really was a piece of work.

Hey Jaded,

The nasty old broad with seven chins never worked one day in her life... outside the bedroom... until she was sent to prison.

Check her bio. Full of laughs. Really.

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