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Saturday, August 18, 2007

August in Oregon

The kids are asking for hot chocolate.

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But... (2:30 pm)... it's 70 F

Um...my kids ask for hot chocolate 365/24/7, while the older one wears a hooded sweatshirt , no matter what it's like outside...

With the wind chill, it feels like 65...

Time to get the homeless into the shelters?

They just need a ride to Welches.

No global warming here. Now go out and burn some fossil fuels.

I did my part out there hanging, and then taking down, yard sale signs. Must have started and shut off the Accord 20 times, traveling probably all of a mile.

Summer come and summer go and summer are better than others.
Global warming humpf.

Of my 19 summers here in the Portland area; this has been one of the coolest and least enjoyable in some time. I lost count of the spring and summer weekends that were ruined by "showers" this year. Thank heaven I'm retiring and leaving in 31 months.

The Memphians are envious of Portland's weather. Highs have been over 102 for the past month. Humidity notwithstanding.
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