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Monday, July 23, 2007

You know you want one

A puppy!

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Whomever would abandon a mom dog and nine adorable puppies should be beaten with a Michael Vick stick.

Thank heaven for the Good Samaritan who rescued them. If I didn't have my doggy hands full, I'd take one in a heartbeat.

Did you see where Vick's crew would allegedly wet down and electrocute dogs that didn't fight well? What a guy.

The cute puppy I got three years ago from the Humane Society just ate my wife's lunch. She is now hiding in the garden looking guilty. Never forget the little buggers grow up.

Michael Vick is innocent until proven guilty, Duke Lacrosse anyone!

You're right, we'll have to wait and see...

Is it me or is that mommy dog looking just a little bit beleaguered?

Great picture!

The mommy dog IS beleaguered! When I found her she was way undernourished and had all those pups! I think the've all put on some LBs in the two days I've had them. I've been fattening her up with "steaksicles" (that would be frozen steaks) that I've been taking from the stash of frozen meat in the freezer, and Iams chow.

The puppies have just started to eat puppy chow-soaked with water. You should see nine puppies around a bowl! They eat it, crawl in it, lay down in it, fall asleep in it! This is giving the mom a break from all the feeding.

They are good dogs and I thank you, Jack, for helping in the effort to adopt them into loving homes that will spay/neuter them.


Michael Vick is innocent until proven guilty

This is a common misconception. He is not "innocent until proven guilty." He is either innocent or guilty based on what he did or did not do. Under the law, he can't be punished for the things he is alleged to have done unless he's first found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt through due process, and in that process he has a right to the presumption of innocence. None of that imposes any duty or burden on the rest of us in exercising our judgment about the facts and acting or speaking accordingly.

Allan, What you are saying is, He is innocent until proven guilty.,

Mama looks like a real sweetie. The fact that the pups are NOT purebred means that they'll probably make much better household family pets.

That said, I'm a cat person.

That dog's face reminds me of a Portland taxpayer, the little ones, greedy developers enjoying their bounty.

Any thoughts on the possible breed cross aside from Heinz 57 varieties. We're in the market for a dog, but we'd like to have a clue about what we might be getting. Size does matter. Medium size dogs OK. Larger not. Smaller, no comment.

Look like cuties. My guess is there's a lab in the woodpile somewhere. Thank you, Sarah, for taking on this project. And for all the cat people, there are lots of rescued kitties out there, too.

Beautiful! Mom definitely looks like she's border collie, or at least part. A lab/bc cross would be high energy but so, so sweet and good with kids.

I'm not the daddy.

innocent until proven guilty...

Only in the courts...we can think whatever we want.

Thanks to the big hearts of Portlanders, the nine puppies I found abandoned on Saturday have found good, adoptive homes!

Thanks to Jack and others, I have had over 100 phone calls and emails from people wanting to visit, adopt, or help the puppies and their mom, and the result is, we have found homes for them! There is even a waiting list.

The puppies will stay with their mama at my house for another four weeks until they are weaned, and then they will go to their new home. I am adopting the mom, who is now named "Walter," after my grandfather. (Yes, I know it's strange to name a female dog after your grandfather, but as I have been insisting, "I'm the decider!")

Due to the overwhelming interest in making sure that the puppies are spay/neutered when they are old enough, and in making sure they get proper vet care over the next month while I am taking care of them, I have set up a charitable account at the following bank. Spaying and neutering can cost between $100-$300. Any excess funds will go to Dove Lewis Animal Hospital to care for indigent animals. If you wish to contribute toward spaying and neutering these nine puppies, please contact:

1st Tech Credit Union
Account Name: Nine Puppies Spay/Neuter
Phone: (503) 644-4034
Website for branch locations: www.1sttechcu.com

Thank you for your interest in the abandoned puppies and their mama!


Be careful of the linecord that I see in the back of the picture on the adoption poster - when those little buggers start to exercise their teeth and gums, everything is fair game. This I know; we have a Siberian Husky.

... that is one pooped pooch.....

That's great, Sarah!

And yeah, I know about rescued kitties, too. Mine rescued hissef from the streets...and had to overcome the resistance of my "cat-hating" wife. Man, I should take lessons from him, as within the year, she allowed the cat we took in, which she insisted be an "outdoor cat", to sleep under the covers, curled up next to her.

I always tell folks who think they might want to get a cat to go to Animal Control or the Humane Society and sit in the cat room and allow the "right" cat to adopt them. Don't encourage the "kitten mills"; there are too many feral cats out there already.

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