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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Which one's lying?

The Attorney General of the United States? Or the director of the FBI?

Doesn't matter much. The Chimp will pardon whichever one it is.

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They're yammering about a Special Counsel? WTF?!

They should skip that noise and impeach Gonzales, for the high crime or misdemeanor of lying to Congress. An impeachment proceeding would cut through much of the executive privilege BS and force the administration to produce the relevant evidence, or commit a pretty obvious obstruction of a Constitutional process. (Which in this case would likely amount to another impeachable high crime.)

At this point, unless the administration releases some pretty stunning documentary evidence to back up Gonzales, I think the Senate might just go two-thirds for impeachment. (And if they release evidence showing Gonzales to be something other than a liar or buffoon, so much the better.)

Given Mr. Bush's ethics, I think he would pardon the guilty person and let the innocent party twist slowly in the wind.

Ahh, but Alan D.'s idea is a good one because a president is restricted from pardoning an impeachment. Finally, at least one of the bastards would have to pay.

Assuming for the moment that someone isn't telling the truth here, I wonder why? There's no need for any cover-up, as the President can hire and fire his political appointees at any time for any reason. It's just like the Libby case, although I'm not sure he "lied" as much as couldn't remember the details of a completely insignificant conversation.

When you work in a brutal, backstabbing, lying environment such as the Cheney administration, where nothing's real except holding on to power in the next election -- well, lying's all you know how to do.

Butch was right.

Conyers Outfoxes Bushie in Contempt Showdown, by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse, Wed Jul 25, 2007

Rep. John Conyers is methodically setting up the legal elements for Congress to pursue statutory and/or inherent contempt proceedings against executive branch officials in a manner that essentially wipes out any claim to executive privilege to shield the truth. ...

Good luck with all this. Specter and other Republican Congressional windbags will blather on about the lying, slimy little weasel's shortcomings, but I predict they'll never support any impeachment effort against this government. To get a handle on things, the Dems are going to have to stand up in front of the tanks.

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