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Saturday, July 14, 2007

The archbishop's shrink

Just when you thought the Catholic Church child sex abuse scandals couldn't get more embarrassing, they do. Did you hear about the sicko psychologist in Seattle who's accused of planting peep cams in the women's room of his office? Guess who his favorite client was.

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BTW, although the Seattle P-I is dancing around the guy's name, it's no secret that it's Stuart Greenberg.

RIGHTS-ARGENTINA: Priest Faces Judgement Day, By Marcela Valente.

BUENOS AIRES, Jul 9 (IPS) - The Argentine justice system is prosecuting Christian von Wernich, a Catholic priest, for "aberrant, atrocious and massive" crimes. He exemplifies the collaboration of part of the Catholic Church with state terrorism during the military dictatorship that was in power from 1976 to 1983.

The trial of the 69-year-old priest, who has been in detention ...

In 1976, Bush headed the CIA.
In 1983, Bush headed Iran-Contra, Ollie North was in The Fright House basement, Saddam Hussein was shaking hands with Rumsfeld bringing US nerve gas shipments.
In 1983, Reagan was non compos mentis.
In 1983, someone up the chain of command tasked down to the best and brightest US Army Special Forces in Berlin, to 'terror game' a hypothetical scenario of someone hijacking airplanes and crashing in the Twin Towers -- specific in the orders: "Twin Towers" -- and report on what defenses could be devised against it.
Also in 1983, Microsoft's 'Flight Simulator' program was the most popular selling software.

Wisconsin Supreme Court: Victims of church sex abuse can sue, BY RYAN J. FOLEY, Associated Press, 07/11/2007.

MADISON - Victims of decades-old clergy abuse can sue church officials in Wisconsin for fraud but not for negligence, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

The decision blocks lawsuits alleging the Catholic Church negligently failed to supervise priests who molested young boys in past decades. Those claims must be filed within three years of the date of the last sexual assault under state law, the court said in a 5-2 decision.

But all seven justices agreed that victims can sue for fraud ...

If it is 5 "decades-old," (strange, it doesn't specify), that was the heyday of Wisconsin's religio-neo-con, extremist rightwing Senator Joe McCarthy. Who was fed intercepted information by his surreptitious 'handler,' J. Edgar Hoover, (ref: Hoover bio).
In 1953 Prescott (Bush) elected (questionably) as Senator from Connecticut.
In 1953 Allen Dulles installed as CIA director. (ref: Nixon 'pumpkin patch microfilm.')
In 1953, CIA begins mind-control 'experiments' using LSD, and more, which it distributes.
In 1953 Bush Sinister, (Jughead's daddy-o), was a vested CIA agent as executive of oil exploration front company Zapata Petroleum. (ref: Emilio Zapata bio; also, Zapatistas in Oaxaca.) See here:
for this: "... Bush's original oil company, Zapata Petroleum, began in 1953 through joint efforts with Thomas J. Devine, a CIA staffer ...."
In 1953, died the man who Time Magazine dubbed "The Richest Man in the World," Ibn Saud, founder and King of Saudi Arabia. Also, CIA invades Iran and overthrows democratically elected President Mossadeq
In 1953, Fred Stickel, migrated from New Jersey, becomes publisher of The O.
Meanwhile, back in Wisconsin parishes ...

The older that I get, the more I think about news I have seen with my own eyes.

Psychologist, not psychiatrist.

Ah, yes. I will fix that. Thank you.

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