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Friday, July 20, 2007

Is the NBA fixed?

People rag on me when I say that professional sports officials deliberately affect the outcomes of games. But apparently the FBI shares my views.

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More details here (for the moment).

You know Mark Cuban is saying I told you so. Can I have my 2 million in fines back please.

Tim Donaghy, the accused, was the referee that Rasheed Wallace went off on in the parking lot at the Rose Garden after a game. Maybe he's not crazy.

But I don't think he wasn't involved in the Suns-Spurs fiasco.

I'm sure this would have made news by now, but the NBA is in for a huge problem if this guy reffed the "you're not allowed to breathe near Dwayne Wade" finals last year.

This is bad, bad, bad. The NBA already has a perception problem with its officiating whether it's superstars getting the benefit of calls to perceptions of team favoritism to never, ever calling travelling. Now it's about a referee, gambling and the mob. I can't imagine a more toxic mix.

I'm sure this would have made news by now, but the NBA is in for a huge problem if this guy reffed the "you're not allowed to breathe near Dwayne Wade" finals last year.

That was actually Bennett "I'm happy if the home crowd's happy" Salvatore.

OK, this is bad for the league. But is anyone really going to stop watching?

People complain about steroid use in baseball, but they still move a lot of tickets.

It's a storm to be weathered. But nobody's going out of business. Too many TV networks need the programming.

I don't think for one second that Tim is the only official caught up in this.

Fixed? Now what are the odds of that?

Maybe the accused could get a job in the dog fighting arena.

Roger, I ignore the NBA most of the time because I hate fixed sports. And NBA ratings this year were pretty awful. So I suspect I'm not alone and am about to get more company.

It struck me that with the decision to suspend Amare Stoudemire during the Western Conference Finals this year after Robert Horry's flagrant foul, the league essentially selected San Antonio over Phoenix to win the series.

Wow. This guy was one of the refs at the infamous brawl in Detroit. He was criticized by other officials for his lackadaisical effort to calm things down before Artest lost it.

Quite the career.

As for tickets taken of TV watchers, yeah, the people who keep watching identify themselves as, either, hollow-conscienced heedless they value theirs so worthless that they give their loyalties to liars, or, are addicted to TV-sedation ignorance of life.

I ask what you mean, Jack, when you say people rag on you. I suffer that same misery and I'm trolling for some company in it. I get waaay plugged in.

I used to 'work' the NBA games. Inside insider B-ball. For instance, (but this don't even scratch the surface for you to glimpse inside how full of it I was, talking B-ball), I was on the Blazers TV crew, and before that, on the Celtics TV crew. One day I knew so much that I saw the games were hoaxes staged by people with a 'handle' (that stays in Vegas), and the agents are the refs -- this is nearer to the surface of society in Beantown, and easier to see perhaps.

The feeling is the same as betrayal by a friend, or lover, who don't respect themself the same as much as you esteem in them. Or, by your country's leading figures.

If as outsider I could see the phony in the NBA, you know insiders know. Which would explain the cynical insults for it of the young arrivals to it. Theirs not as much a disrespect of themselves as of the con that took their hearts to be a part of, and has played them for a fool, 'had' them, I think is the colloquial.

I'm glad and hopeful of redemption in it that the breaking story (e.g., Kobe) drags Stern's name and office in attachment. There is the corrupting seed -- greed-modified engineering, so to speak. One evidence was the false righteous indignation -- doth protesting too much -- when Oregon Lottery first started with a game for spreading points of match-ups in the NBA ... I coulda made out like a bandit, (I mean, I haven't watched a second of a game in over ten years, don't even hear the Names any longer, but I bet I could watch the first three minutes of any matchup any night and tell how it turns out, because I am a betting man). (When the odds are in my favor.)

Furthermore, football, hockey, prize fights, ponies, and probably the NASCAR, too. And worse, in my disgust, college too. Not so much baseball, ever since Joe said it was so, and it took the twelve steps to recovery; although after ninety years, now, its ugly countenance looms near and it's more than only giantism-modified engineering -- 'performance enhancement,' I think is the colloquial.

A pox on pro sports houses and the shills and taken in it. Including Paul Allen and/or his broadcast media property and/or generic cable TV corrupt complicity and/or all sports beat reporters on the money make.

Wow is right. I just read that this was the Ref who got in an argument with Rasheed after a game a few years ago. Maybe Rasheed was right.

I stopped watching the NBA after the 1998 Finals, when Jordan obviously fouled Bryon Russell and got away with it.

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