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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cheney's new stooge

Fred Thompson.

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i think this guy realizes Thompson is a real contender and isn't happy that the Obama - Clinton left love fest may have a real challenger

Give it up. It is unbelievable that voices here 1.) take themselves seriously that they can say something, anything, supportive of Bushism or Republicans, and not sound and look like total fools -- give it up, you can't, and you do ... look like a complete fool, and 2.) unbelievable that voices here take seriously any of the goons and perverts so-called 'running' for the so-called 'GOP nomination.' Give it up, they are all rejects, capital-R Rejects, who aren't capable of getting elected Republican alderman, or lower, so much do so many hate everything with an R on it, and half the things with a D.

What part of 85% of citizens say Bushism and Republicans is wrong wrong wrong, murderers, liars, and war criminals, don't you understand?

Thompson is a TV nudge, just like Gilligan and Sponge Bob Squarepants, these are not living people. Yeah, real political comprehension: vote Homer Simpson Republican 'candidate' for prez. Oh, yeah, I forgot, he already criminally stole the last two elections. Pinky and The Brain are the cartoon Republicans in The Fright House.

What a joke the comments make of you people. What part of you are an absolute fool don't you understand?

Bush is not a Republican.

Ad hominem, like profanity, reflects the depth of the author’s intellect, rather than the short comings of the target.

I really like Fred Thompson.
As an actor.

the Obama - Clinton left love fest may have a real challenger

There's only so long he's going to be able to run on Mom and apple pie as his platform. At some point he'll have to decide whether he's Reagan or Nixon. Or Cheney. Clinton and Obama will be more than happy to spend the next 15 months hanging this around his neck. You think he's going to win the election by defending these clowns?

Hillary is going to 'hang' Thompson's statement about Libby on him?

Thompson's reply: "Well then, Ms. Clinton, then surely you must think your husband should have gone to jail."

Libby won't even be news a week from now, much less in 2008.

Hillary is going to 'hang' Thompson's statement about Libby on him?

Thompson's reply: "Well then, Ms. Clinton, then surely you must think your husband should have gone to jail."

Hmmm. Interesting. I don't recall Bill Clinton being indicted by a federal grand jury, tried before a jury of his peers, being found guilty by said jury, sentenced by a judge, and then having that sentence upheld by a three-judge panel who ruled that his appeal would not likely succeed.

I remember that he was indicted by a politically motivated group of Republicans, and then found not guilty by the Senate.

Oh, but I forgot: personal sexual indiscretions are in the eyes of the GOP roughly equivalent to conspiring with the administration to reveal the identity of a covert CIA operative as payback for her husband's role in unmasking falsified evidence that got us into war. Right. Same thing.

I love watching the conservatives argue over who has the lowest hanging scrotum. Thompson filmed some response recently, smoking a cigar and talking tough with a drink in his hand. Romney and Rudy try to out-tough each other, saying things like "Guantanamo needs to be BIGGER! We should be spying on ourselves MORE! We need MORE torture!" The whole lot of them cite '24' and Jack Bauer as if it were a blueprint to our future. One of candidates actually said, "I'm looking for Jack Bauer, here."

The media just falls right for it. Chris Mathews and other talking heads are practically sniffing jock straps, praising Thompson's manliness... he actually said "You can practically smell his cologne..." and guess what it smells like.

Good lord. They're trying to float a Thompson presidency like a trial balloon. Bring in the actor, er, ringer... because the current lineup consists of conservative caricatures who don't inspire many. And how sad is it that Ron Paul is the only candidate actually citing anything of substance?

Not that I'm thrilled with the Dem lineup. But I'll take a Edwards/Feingold ticket anyday.

TKrueg: "The media just falls right for it."

Try this: The massmind media is it.

Yeah, I know, you didn't see their names on your ballot and you didn't elect them, and you should think they operate by a civic interest. You'd be wrong to think so.

But they are hoping you fall for it.

Massmind media makes the wars go, so there are dead bodies, so there is bleeding, so the media has a lead-in. Peace don't bleed, media hates peace, peace bankrupts media.

Political campaigns by candidates (websites) spelling out their positions and promises on issues, means media does not get several billion dollars selling airtime for mudslinging campaign ads.

When you stop falling for massmind media sucker punching your brain, and you are ready to stand by, and stand for, your vote based on meeting and greeting your favorite candidates through the internet, then cancel your media subscriptions (it's your money buying media, which is the wages for jockstrap sniffers and blood suckers ... I mean, vice versa), BOYCOTT cable TV and BOYCOTT newspapers and BOYCOTT their advertisers.

Our media boycott stops the wars and killing. Our media boycott starts Congress elected by writing their principles.

Who needs massmind media anyway? You can watch what TV and newspapers are saying at Media Matters (dot)ORG.

Besides, come back here often. We are interested in what you think and say. Media is not.

Your money given to keep the media's massmind coma going, buys more than Cheney stooges such as TV Thompson.

Yet it seems like there is not enough blood to report, and talk is going around that the newspaper could be laying off some reporters tomorrow (7/6), from The Oregonian, two-time Bush-liker LOSER. Seems that they reported, and people decided ... not to buy it. O Reporter Shuffle Tomorrow?

Other blood on the wire, says the Washington, D.C., prostitution ring now begins naming names, and some of the paying customers are media celebrities you heard of, and gave your money to, on cable TV ... for this. Court: Madam Can Distribute Records, ASSOCIATED PRESS, July 6, 2007. For less than one month of cable TV payment, you can get a supply of real news for a whole year, including prostitute buyers' names, at Wayne Madsen Report (dot)COM.

We should spend taxpayers' public money on some blogs. I'd rather see blogs on politics that come up with a few hundred names of five-dollar donors get matching public funds, $100,000 or whatever, rather than give it to candidates.

Another source of public money for blogs is redistribution. The so-called 'war' bleeds paychecks withholding $2,000,000,000 per day ($ 2 billion). The massmind media knows you are too stupid to understand that big number so they don't report it to you. But stay with me here, a minute, and let's do the math together.

If we cut back the war one percent ( 1% ), that'd be 20 million dollars per day, and it'd pay for a lot of blogs for a whole year. Or, better yet, put ten percent ( 10% ) of one day's war taxes -- 200 million dollars for blogs, then cancel the war, and give everyone ninety percent of your war taxes back, a 5-figure 'kicker' check for you.

When we think awhile and say to each other (on blogs) what we are willing to vote for, we could elect to put public money any. where. we. choose. Even for blogs.

None for Cheney stooges and the massmind media they rode in on.

Here is a better link for the story, than the AP wire link, above. Plus, it might be a new website discovery for some readers here.

Judge lifts injunction on 'DC madam' phone records, Josh Catone, July 5, 2007.

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