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Friday, April 27, 2007

Performance art

I see that "Last Thursday" got way out of hand last night. When the drunken yuppies and the anarchists get together, look out. It's gonna be a Little Beirut good time.

The jumping on cars thing has gotten old, don't you think? Grabbing the police officer's taser, though -- now, that's special. I rag on the police for using excessive force, but the fact that the punk who picked up the taser is not dead today is a testament to some officer's good judgment and sense of restraint.

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I agree with your refreshing point of view. I'm sick of these damned trustfund hippies and their sense of entitlement.

famous last words: "hey look, a Taser!" whoa.

mostly it's uneventful and the arts and crafts uninteresting and amateurish. it's more bazaar than "art show." trinkets.

i'd say most who actually live here despise the realtor-coined "Alberta Arts District" moniker. it's a marketing gimmick, not a reflection of the community.

the ever-increasing caravan of Lincoln Navigators looking for the next thrill is stunning. there may be "trust fund hippies" in attendance, but they pale in comparison to the those pulling up for a quick dose of "culture" then immediately departing for suburban environs (and more frequently, the gentrifying inner SE.)

They say that art degenerates when it becomes irrelevant, and I think the same happens to people.

The officer who did not shoot the taser-grabber ought to be given a commendation. That is heroic self-discipline.




I don't know the exact deal, but even the police's own press release gives the tazer-grabber a pass and notes that he wasn't charged. He said he thought he heard a shot, thought he saw a gun, and picked it up so that no one else would get hurt.

If it's true, it seems reasonable enough to me.

I wasn't there (well, actually, I was there around 8pm, I lasted for about 15 minutes before getting annoyed by the huge crowd and leaving), but I also think it's pretty stupid to jump to conclusions based on an obviously one-sided, barely-informed Oregonian article.

Boxed wine and Brie, a deadly combination. Playing with fire kids, playing with fire.


Into which of the unfailingly judgmental eco's categories do you fall? Clearly all should pass his legitimacy test before attending.

Were you there for the "trinkets" or the "culture"?

How's the Navigator ride, anyway?

Boxed wine and Brie, a deadly combination.

No kidding, good luck with the "one sheet of toilet paper" decree by neo-hippie Cheryl Crow.

Hannum told police he'd been drinking and that he regretted picking up the Taser. He told officers he realized he'd made a mistake after one of the officers drew his weapon.

Um, duh...what a dumbass.


thanks, as always, for your unfailingly personal jabs.

do you live in the area? no? i do. were you there last night? no? i was.

now, back to the blog.

Which gives you, of course, the inside track on truth, justice and the American way. You seem to mistake your impressions and conclusions for reality - to be imposed on hoi polloi.

If you aren't self-righteously judgemental, I'll sell my Escalade.


i'll let you have your reality if you let me have mine, except when it consists mainly of calling the opinions of other commenters stupid, unrealistic and judgemental.

you're obviously not stupid--why not let each post his or her opinion and instead of getting personal and calling them names, offer up a different opinion on the actual topic?

does that make sense?

Shooting is the court of lasr resort. Officer showed good thinking...just like he should do. Comendation? no way.


Does this mean I have to sell the Caddy?


i didn't know you played golf.

keep the Caddy, for when the Navigator breaks down.

I used to be a newspaper copy editor, so the thing about the Oregonian story that irks me the most is this: "an Northeast Alberta Street intersection..."


Shooting is the court of lasr resort...

It ought to be the last resort, but for a few officers, we know better.

Comendation? no way.

Agreed. It's indeed a sad state of affairs if we need to commend an officer for simply doing what he or she was trained to do.

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