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Saturday, April 21, 2007

One low, two high, three both ways

The quarterly (or so) poker game at the Bogdanski Hut was held last evening, and the cards were pretty hot. Four of a kind showed up, and the low straight flush was a shocker. (Fortunately, they did not appear in the same hand, or you would be reading about it in the police blotter instead of on this blog.) The food, the wine, the cigars, the lying, were all first-rate. And after starting off badly, I ended up down only four bucks.

I don't drink much beer these days, but Laurelwood Pub is putting some of its brews into bottles now. One of the suspects brought a couple of six-packs of it, and I gave it a try. Excellent stuff.

In honor of Don Imus, we also invented (but did not get around to playing) a new version of poker called "Hi Ho," in which the high hand splits the pot with the queen of spades. Patent pending.

Special thanks to the Mrs. for doing all the heavy lifting while I play host to these geezerfests. Good news for her: The next two are scheduled to be on the road.

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Sounds like just a variant of Black Mariah where if the Queen of Spades comes up while you're dealing, everyone has to throw their cards in and start again. If you've folded already you're still out of the game. And high spade in the hole takes half the pot.

Also known as "High Spade in the Hole, Queen Kills."

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