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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Novick vs. Smith: Mid-week update

We're halfway through this week's political poll, on readers' predictions of the outcome of a possible Senate race between Steve Novick and Gordon Smith, and the results are landslide expectations for Smith's re-election. If you haven't already voted in this one, please do so. We'll keep the poll open until the close of business on Friday. But if you've already voted, please don't do so again!

If Steve Novick gets the Democratic nomination to run against Gordon Smith in '08, who do you think will win?
Steve Novick
Gordon Smith
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Comments (4)

I hope everyone remembers the question is "who will win", not "who will you vote for"...

If this represents (even remotely) what progressive people from PDX and Multnomah County think on who will win, then Novick will have a long row to hoe. I was thinking that he would be leading Gordo on this poll, or at least running even. But never this far back, even before Sen Smith's massive ad buys have yet to kick in .

Kinda sad.... I was hoping that Oregon would send the first person with a 'mean left hook' to the Senate (not that there is anything wrong with a hook). Maybe start up a Hook Caucus, just like Earl and his Bike Caucus.

Oh well, I guess it was not meant to be.


If this represents (even remotely) what progressive people from PDX and
Multnomah County think

I don't know if it does. A lot of the white-tofu progressives will tell you they never visit this site.

I would LOVE to have Steve Novick represent us in the Senate, and I will vote for him every chance I get; but I hesitated to choose his name just because I'm not sure that other people would agree. Still, if he can get known, I think he's got a hell of a shot.
But then, I was appalled and repelled by the Matthew Shepard ads ("I'm a moderate, because I don't think it's right to actually MURDER gay people solely for their gayness!") that shot his numbers through the roof last time, so...I may not exactly have my finger on the pulse of the state.

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