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Friday, February 23, 2007

What's wrong with this picture?

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sheesh--how much notice do you people need?

...the time/space continuum has been torn?

Reminds me of a Simpsons episode, where Bart and Lisa see the following parental notification on TV: "the preceeding program contained violence, and should not have been viewed by young children."

Swami Tommy can bend time and space...

...can't you?

Heh. Expect to see comments soon about "Well, none of the public showed up to object, so it must be okay..."

Want to see a real communication joke: Browse the mayor's blog. Reportedly, there's been an overwhelming number of complaints and angry comments submitted that the mayor's office has ceased their attempts to keep his blog current. Now it's only copies of press releases with fluff news.

The 2007/08 PDC budget allocates $3.7M for the Headquarters Hotel.

How is it that the Mayor is not receptive to a publically financed hotel, but PDC, his responsibility budgets 3.7 Million of city taxpayer's money for it. Mayor, would you please explain

I'll echo the first comment. What's yer problem? The email was received at 7:20pm, allowing plenty of time for you to fly around the Earth really fast (like Superman); thus reversing the flow of time and allowing people to prepare for the discussion.

And in a completely UNRELATED note: for your In Vino Veritas list (which, if I recall, is your have-drunk or want-to-drink list) you absolutely must throw down 19.99 on a bottle of 2002 Sandhill Merlot. I ran across this moderately-priced delight at Salut Wine Company in the Couv and Camas, and have now had 4 bottles of it in the last month.

They do that in Portland to? I only thought that happened out here in Oregon's hinterlands (commonly confused with Idaho) - Pendleton or Bend, but in the Republic of Portland?

I guess you guys didn't get the MEMO:

The City of Portland changed the speed of light because the original speed kept getting in the way of their vision. They voted on it the same day that METRO repealed the law of supply and demand.

Besides being "flabbergasted", remember that "proper notification" is a requirement by several city and state statutes.

Back in the 80's our neighborhood assn. took three landuse issues to LUBA based for one on "improper notification". We won on that issue and sometimes others. Rules are rules....for some of us. Law in Oregon is for "who's in the driverseat". It is NOW the time to force some respect for all the "imput" we are asked as citizens to provide. Let us "vision".

"Rules are Rules" Appears not to be the case for CoP, PDC, Tommy and company. These are the same people who can't get it right (on too many projects to name here). How do you expect them to send out sufficient (legal) public notice on a mere budget forum meeting. I'm glad Bojack (or sources) keeps this stuff coming to the surface.

Your right... let's demand more from our city officials. I think this next round of elections will be interesting. Too many incidences of intentional deception, too many times of financial miscalculation, too many obvious "insider trading."

I was going to point out the relevant statutory provisions regarding lack of notice, but then I came across this:

"Portland sets up community budget forum
Posted by Susan Green February 15, 2007 12:01PM
Categories: Portland

The Portland City Council will hold a community budget forum from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Feb. 22 at Cleveland High School, 3400 S.E. 26th Ave.

Tables representing different service areas and initiatives will be set up at which city residents can visit with commissioners and bureau directors, ask questions about what's being proposed for the 2007-08 budget and share their concerns and priorities.

All input will be recorded for use in the budget development." 

And this:

"CITYWIDE COMMUNITY BUDGET FORUM on Thurs, Feb 22nd - Printable Version - February 7, 2007


I have no doubt there was notice given to some people, at some point, before the "forum." But to send me an e-mail at 7:20 p.m. about a forum that started at 6:00 p.m. is kind of dopey.

Your point is, indeed, well taken.

I was pointing out the prior notice more for the overly-serious folks just above my last comment.

"Well, none of the public showed up to object, so it must be okay..."

That's old school around here.

Today's approach is far more brazen.

"The public showed up to object, but the decision was made weeks ago"


"We'll pretend to listen as we catch up on our e-mails"


"Your 3 minutes are up"


"The $3.7 million is a linchpin"


"It's too late to stop it now"

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