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Saturday, February 17, 2007

What was that?

It was supposed to be mid-to-late winter on Saturday, but here in Portland, it was like April. We managed to get in both a day of brilliant spring skiing (they could use some new snow on Hood) and a few chores around the yard. The azalea food said to apply it in late February to mid-March, but hey, winter's over, and so we went for the gusto.

It made it to 60 degrees today in Portland. That's the same high temperature that they had in Orlando. To readers still trapped in this week's midwestern and eastern deep freeze, our condolences -- hang in there.

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Spring already! Word on the street is Sam Adams was having a hoot. Here's a picture: http://www.bishopsbs.com/photos.html.

"(they could use some new snow on Hood)"

Ask and ye shall receive:
Snow showers. Snow level 2500 feet. Additional snow accumulation 2 to 5 inches.

Presidents Day
Snow and rain. Windy. Snow level 3500 feet rising to 4000 feet in the afternoon. Snow accumulation up to 4 inches.

Monday Night
Rain and snow...windy. Snow level 5000 feet. Snow accumulation 5 to 10 inches.

We're up in Yakima Valley doing the wine tour thing, blue skies, desert winds, beautiful days to be out and about. Amazing vistas...less amazing wine, though. Oregon Pinot rules!

Frank -- go for the merlot!!!

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