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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Starting early

You can't officially call it March Madness for another 10 minutes, but this was an amazingly entertaining way to kill a few hours. Go, Longhorns!

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I think Austin may be on Central Time; I talked with someone in San Antonio (within 100 miles of Austin, I think) today and they're two hours ahead of us.

It's now officially March Madness in the ACC, baby!

That game should have gone into a third o.t. since the foul was blatently intentional. (jersey grabbing from behind is hardly making a play on the ball) I was pulling for the Aggies because the Longhorns were #15 and with the Ducks at #17 it might move them up a few slots if they beat the Beavers on Saturday, especially since Duke at #14 just lost to #24 Maryland. See? The March Madness begins! I love it. Go Ducks!!!

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