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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Pride and joy of Illinois

UPDATE, 7:06 p.m.: Oh, well. Congratulations to the Colts -- and to Prince.

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Thanks Jack. Another great post, and something this Chicago native needed to hear.

Well, if they play like they played vs the Saints, they have a chance. Man, I've waited (literally) half of my life to see the Bears back in the big game.


Well, I've tried every way I know to decide who to pull for in this game. Then I recalled that my home-town (Ironton, Ohio) has a favorite son in the Pro- Football Hall of Fame. He is George McAfee. There's a commemorative plaque for George just as you enter town off US 52. Played on both sides of the ball, even kicked. This all happened back in 1940-41, then George went to war. Returned to play 1945-1950. He pioneered the use of low-cut shoes. Long distance return threat on every play, NFL punt return champ 1948, intercepted 21 passes in 8 seasons, scored 234 points, gained 5022 net yards, and he played for.....Da Bears!

Go Bears!

The whole sneaking-out-of-Baltimore-in-the-middle-of-the-night thing kind of kills it for me and the Colts.

If you don't build us a better stadium, we'll take our ball and go to some other city....

Oh well. Maybe my beloved Bengals (I've been a fan since they first took the field)can pull it off next year. If they can stay out of jail. Sound familiar?

Worst collection of commercials!

Worst collection of commercials!

Oh God, those SUCKED!

The best, by a mile, was Dave and Oprah. That got a round of applause at my party.

Of the real ads, the one for the GPS company was good. Unfortunately for them, I'll never remember their name.

Seriously. I may watch this all night. At least until the lawyers get hold of it tomorrow morning.

Prince rocked the house.

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