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Friday, February 9, 2007

On second thought...

A while back I wondered disgustedly whether Portland police officers and firefighters were taking steroids. After reading this story in today's O, I'm reminded of why they might want to do so.

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That is a wonderful story. Thank you for highlighting it. I notice Sgt. Scott Westerman is back at work, after busting up his face during an arrest in a previous story you covered. There are a lot of heroes in our police and fire departments, and it's good to see those folks getting some coverage.

Not a peep from Chief Sprando's Blue Ribbon investigation into, the events leading up to, the altercation, at the Fairfield Hotel, on January, 11, 2007.

See http://www.newsbridge.net/Portland_Fire_and_Rescue/website for breaking news:

All of the circumstances, of the event, are not known at this time.

this is a good story. i know the cops have a bad rap for doing bad things, but i've said it before and i'll say it again, a lot of these cops and firefighters are great people who do a great job. working downtown in a homeless shelter for the chronically mentally ill, i've had to call 911 more times than i could begin to count, including last night, and the folks who show up are almost always *awesome* -- kind, concerned, professional, respectful, helpful. and, added bonus, they're sometimes really cute. i just wish that other small percentage could get it together so the rest of them wouldn't get such a bad rap.

Mr. Tee - Not a peep from Chief Sprando because the investigation is not finished. Portland Police and the DA are wrapping up their part of the investigation and only then will there be a "peep". Why would you cast aspersions on the Chief and question his integrity without knowing the facts? All you have to do is ask!
On another note, good things happen every hour of every day because Portland Police Officers and Firefighters are in the community. No matter how tough you talk on a blog, or to your friends at Starbucks, when things go bad and people need help you'll pull out your cell phone and dial 911.

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