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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

It's just a matter of time

I'm surprised this hasn't happened yet on the OHSU Health Club aerial tram [rim shot].

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Jack, as always, our PR department here at OHSU/Oregonian posted incorrectly in your above post. Please note:

The OHSU PR department (the Oregonian) has had inquiries from "Boston Legal" about using our OHSU Health Club Aerial Tram (OH-CAT) for a TV shoot where Denny Crane jumps Bethany on her Segway for a fast one. We believe this tops the naked ski tram rider.

It did. I just didn't get caught.

First of all, let's make one thing real clear: You can't get into the mile high club alone.

Second, I don't understand this one... As they were arresting him, police found a black pouch in Barrett's pocket... But I thought he was naked?!

I rode the tram on Monday night for the first time. According to one of the operators on duty, an engaged couple hopes to get married in one of the carts on Valentines Day. As far as he knew, OHSU management was going to allow it, provided they wouldn't have to slow the system down. If the couple can get hitched in the three minutes it takes for the tram to travel up to Pill Hill, it's kosher.

Do you think they can consummate their marriage during the three minutes coming back down?

Anything's possible but that wouldn't leave much time for the afterglow and I'm pretty sure OHSU doesn't allow smoking up there.

I'll really be impressed if they manage to have their first born child delivered on the tram.

If it happens, and it's a guy, and he's "sporting a Brazilian", we'll know who it is.

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