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Monday, February 12, 2007

In the wind

Portland's emergency management chief is leaving town in a hurry after less than a year on the job, and nobody's saying why. But we can have fun guessing if we want. My best shot: a high-security-clearance federal job.

FWIW, it appears that he originally moved out here to be closer to his wife's family. Sounds like he'll be missed.

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I have no idea why Shawn Graff is leaving, but if you ever met him it's pretty clear he's not a "Portland" (or even Oregon) type. I'm not saying that as a positive or negative, but the man was a caricature of a homeland security official -- straight out of casting for "24".

Jack's probably right about the plum federal job. Question is, where does this leave POEM? A year after firing the last director, Potter's pick is leaving the bureau leaderless.

What would a Portland-"type" emergency preparedness director look like? I'm picturing a gray-haired hippie guy with a large bottle of Dr. Brauner's soap, a bottle of patchouli oil, a baggie full of pot seeds, a solar-powered grow light, a recumbent bike, a bong, two large bags of blue corn chips, a case of Odwalla protein drinks, and a boombox playing an endless loop of Crosby, Stills and Nash's "Wooden Ships."

Sounds like the postman from Mr. Rogers. After the kids have all gone home, of course.

You just described the perfect composite of the Portland city council!

If they hired Rambo the last time around, why would they hire a bureaucrat to replace him?

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